What Do You Know About the Heart?

Our heart is basically our main engine. Without the heart, we cannot survive more than a few seconds, and heart disease is still among the world's biggest killers. We draw it, we talk about it and we even fear it, but how much do you know about this incredibly important organ? Can we put you to the test?
How many chambers does the heart have?
The beating sound your heart makes comes from:
Heart Valves Closing
Your brain makes the sound it doesn't exist
The heart skipping beats
Temp of the blood flow in the body
With circulation, the heart provides your body with:
A way to rid yourself of waste
All answers are correct
Which of these is NOT a KEY risk factor for heart disease?
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Sun Exposure
While the "upstairs" chambers of the heart are called the ATRIA, what are the "downstairs" chambers called?
Candy Pipes
Which parts of the heart act like gates that control blood flow in the heart?
You can keep your heart going strong by:
Sleeping 16 hours a day
Doing physical exercise
Eating only red meat
Complete the sentence: The heart of a human male is 2 ounces (56 grams) _________ a female's, while the female heart beats ________ than a human male's.
heavier, faster
lighter, faster
heavier, slower
lighter slower
These tubes carry blood BACK to the heart.
What is the name of the wall that separates the right and the left sides of the heart?
Main ventricle
Great wall
On Average, human beings have about _________ heart beats for their whole lifetime.
Two Billion
Two Million
20 Million
How much blood does a heart pump out every day on average?
About 600 gallons (2,200 liters)
About 1,900 gallons (7,200 liters)
About 1,200 gallons (4,540liters)
About 3,800 gallons (14,300 liters)
More to Learn
It seems there is a lot about the human heart you still have left to discover. While it's a fascinating journey at any pace, we would say that knowing more about the heart can save you a lot of mistakes throughout your lifetime, as heart disease is still among the biggest killers. Try again or have a look at your mistakes to learn from them.
Well Done!
You know more about the human heart than your average Joe, and you know most of what its functions are and how it does them. However, you still did not get the highest score, and there is some room for improvement. What do you say, care to try again? If not, you can always have a look at your mistakes.
Smart About the Heart
Well you certainly have a lot of knowledge about the human heart! You achieved high scores and that means you know a lot more than the average Joe about hearts and heart disease. You probably know how to be careful and so have a good idea of how to maintain a good and healthy heart. Congratulations, you aced this quiz!
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