What's Missing in Your Diet?

In this quiz, we’ll try to help you understand if your personal dietary choices fit your lifestyle, habits and activity level.
How much exercise do you get per week?
Less than half an hour of physical activity per week or none at all
About an hour or two of moderate physical activity like walking
About 2-5 hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity
How many fruits and vegetables would you say you eat each day?
I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis
I rely exclusively on plant-based foods so quite a lot
I don't eat fruit and vegetables every day
How often do you eat red or processed meat?
I don’t eat red meat or processed meat
About once a week or less
Almost every day
How do you divide your time between sun and shade?
I stay indoors most of the time and usually wear sun protection
I stay indoors, but I don’t usually wear sun protection
I spend a lot of time outdoors and only wear sunscreen on the beach
I spend a lot of time outdoors, but I always use sun protection
Do you suffer from a health condition that limits your diet?
Yes, my health condition doesn’t allow me to eat an entire food group (e.g. dairy, seafood, etc.)
No, I have no health conditions and eat a well-balanced diet
No, even though I have a health condition, I still get all the nutrients I need from my diet
Do you feel like you are tired during the day?
Yes, always
Yes, sometimes
Do you feel like you maintain a healthy weight?
Yes, I eat healthy and exercise regularly
Yes, I rely on my diet to maintain a healthy weight
True or False: “No matter what I do, my skin, hair, and nails are dry and brittle.”
Do you rely on supplements for your nutritional needs?
How much sleep are you getting on average?
About 6-8 hours, but I wake up several times every night
Around 7 hours and I’m a sound sleeper
Less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours
It's difficult to say, I don't sleep very well
You Need a More Nourishing Diet
According to your answers, you might be lacking some essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. It may be that your diet is limited due to a health condition or a self-imposed dietary restriction and you can’t get some essential nutrients for a balanced, well-rounded diet. Or maybe, your lifestyle is restricted by work, age, or health concerns, and you can’t get enough sun and exercise during the day. Whatever the cause, it seems like you need to eat more healthy foods like various legumes, fish, and vegetables, and avoid sweets, red and processed meat, and other harmful foods to prevent disease, be healthy, sleep well, and feel energized. Luckily, we have plenty of informative nutrition articles for you to learn from on our site!
Your Lifestyle and Diet Are Well-Balanced
Wow, we’re really impressed! You seem to have an intuitive understanding of all the nutrients your body needs for your lifestyle, age, and activity level. That said, health statistics show that even those of us with a well-balanced diet overall seem to be missing two key elements in our diet - water and fiber - so drink more water and don’t forget to eat plenty of fibrous veggies and other plant-based foods! Also, consider adding more vitamin D in your diet if you spend a lot of time indoors these days since even a slight deficiency in this vitamin can make you feel tired, worsen your immune health, and make your skin and hair weaker. For even more useful nutrition tips, feel free to browse our site.
You Need a More Energizing Diet
According to your answers, you seem to have quite an active lifestyle, and your diet may not be nutrient-dense enough to meet the needs of your body. You’re the rare lucky person who actually needs to eat more, in general, to be in good physical shape and stay healthy in the long run. And while you probably know you need to stay hydrated while being outdoors and exercising, we urge you to eat plenty of plant-based proteins, such as legumes, nuts, and fish, to be both fit and healthy. Also, don’t forget about the antioxidant and fiber-rich foods, like leafy greens, bell peppers, and berries, as these will protect your body from cell damage and ensure the food you eat doesn’t cause sugar spikes in your blood. To learn more about nutrition and health, browse our website for some pretty useful tips!
You Need More Energy AND Nourishment in Your Diet
According to your answers, you’ve been probably struggling with your diet lately, finding it difficult to match your nutritional needs to a changing pace of life. You need to fit more nutrient-dense foods into your diet instead of consuming all those empty calories - think less is more. To do so, eat more plant-based proteins, eggs, and lean meat and less red and processed meat if you’re not vegetarian. Also, include plenty of colorful fruit, vegetables, and greens into your diet on a daily basis to get more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber into your diet. To learn more about nutrition and health, browse our website for some pretty useful tips!
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