The Great Horse Trivia Test!

Horses are such incredible creatures. They have been with us for so many years, helping us get from place to place for much, much longer than cars ever did. They are beautiful, fast, big and kind beasts. Do you love horses as well? Prove it by taking our horse trivia test!
A young female horse is called...
A stallion
A mare
A colt
A filly
True or False: Horses only sleep standing up.
A domesticated horse has a life span of about...
12-15 years
8-12 years
40-50 years
25-30 years
How can you tell a horse's (approximate) age?
Check the ears
Check the legs
Check the feet
Check the teeth
True or False: Most white horses are actually grey.
It is believed humans have been domesticating the horse for _______ years.
How big was the oldest horse fossil we can find?
The size of a small pony
The size of a large dog
The size of a mouse
The size of a duck
Horses can run within ______ after birth.
How old did 'Old Billy', the oldest horse in history, live to be?
True or False: There are no horse breeds native to North America
A young male horse is called...
A stallion
A mare
A colt
A filly
A horse's average gallop speed is about...
27 mph (44 kph)
15 mph (24 kph)
35 mph (56 kph)
8 mph (13 kph)
Wild horses live in groups of up to ________ horses.
True or False: Horses can see in almost 360 degrees.
The measurement unit to measure a horse's height is....
Which of these was NOT a famous historical horse?
Man O' War
Black Beauty
True or False: Horses can't breathe through their mouths
What does a red ribbon on a horse's tail mean?
This horse is a champion
Do not feed this horse
This horse kicks
This horse is sick
True or False: A horse will mourn the death of a companion
Which of these is NOT true about a horse's ears?
You can tell if the horse is cold by feeling behind the ears
Each ear has 16 muscles
Ears forward mean curiosity
The length of each of the ears is different
What is a ZORSE?
Mythological Indian Horse
The offspring of a zebra and a horse
There's no such thing
A dwarf horse that won't grow
You're NOT a Horse Expert
So, maybe horses don't interest you much, or we just got you on some things you never knew. Well, horses are a super interesting animal, and there is so much more to know about them and their long history with humanity. If you like horses, learn from your mistakes and read more about them in one of our posts!
You Definitely Like Horses
You definitely have some knowledge about horses, about the average we'd say. You did a good job but there's still a lot to learn and you got only half or less than half of the answers right. Try the quiz again or have a look at your mistakes below. Horses are amazing and are worth knowing more about.
You're a Horse Lover!
There is little doubt you love horses and care about them. No one would know this much about horses without having a great liking to them, and probably to animals in general. However, you don't know it all, and you had a few mistakes. Why not try to take the quiz again or, alternatively, look below at your mistakes.
You're a Horse Whisperer!
Wow, you hit this one out of the park! You must be a huge horse lover, perhaps worked with horses in your past? If you have, we're jealous! Horses are such amazing animals and we love to know all we can about them. You've definitely proven to be an equine expert!
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