The History of Animal Domestication

For thousands of years, mankind has made allies of certain animals. Some we eat, some we live with, and some help us in other ways. How much do you know about the history of domestication, and which of the animals we know today became domesticated first?
Which animal was domesticated first?
How long ago were horses domesticated by man?
More than 5,000 years ago
More than 3,000 years ago
More than 1,000 years ago
More than 10,000 years ago
What was the first animal to be domesticated for food?
Goat / Sheep
Why do you never see domesticated pandas or zebras?
Because they're too violent
Because they're too rare
Because they're can't learn
True or False: All animals can be domesticated
Why did humans allow cats to become part of their homes in the first place?
Pest control
As pets
It was too hard to keep them out
For hunting
Which came first, raising chickens for food or using them for cock fights as entertainment?
Cock Fights
Chickens for food
The oldest evidence of animal domestication can be found in __________.
The Middle East
West Africa
Eastern Europe
South America
Domestication of animals began during the ________ Period.
Which of these may NOT be a good trait in a domesticated animal?
They are pack animals
They breed quickly
They eat meat-based diets
They're social animals
When was the rabbit domesticated?
Around 3,000 years ago
During the Middle-Ages
During the 1800s
During the early 1900s
Which animal was domesticated first, Horses or Llamas?
Around the same time
The silkworm, used to make the world's first silk, was first domesticated in...
More to Learn
This lion here says you tried to domesticate it! You do need to learn more about which animals are domesticated and about their history. However, perhaps a second try will both teach you and drive your score up. How about it?
You Have Some Knowledge
You have a good working knowledge of the domestication timeline of our closest animal friends. Your score isn't an A+ but it is a well-earned B+ because this is not common knowledge to most of us. So kudos on your score!
You've Got It!
Wow you made a great showing for yourself with this somewhat esoteric quiz on a topic that is not common knowledge. Good for you and your (clearly superior) understanding of the domestication timeline. Congratulations!
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