Do You Know These Famous Rulers?

There were many rulers in history. After all, up until relatively recently (in historical terms), humans were almost always led by a king, queen, emperor, or some other kind of totalitarian ruler. Out of the thousands upon thousands of rulers throughout history, why do we remember the few dozen we do? What have they done to make themselves so famous and memorable? This quiz is going to test your knowledge of these giant rulers of history. It has 15 questions about rulers from all times of history. Good luck!
This Roman Emperor was known as "The Mad Emperor." He ruled from 37 to 41 AD and was known for his debaucheries and persecution of Christians.
This conqueror was defeated and exiled to an island for the rest of his life. However, he managed to escape and raise another army.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Alexander the Great
Attila the Hun
Genghis Khan
This English king had 6 wives.
Henry VIII
Henry VI
Richard III
Richard II
This conqueror is credited for spreading Greek philosophy and science to the Eastern countries.
Alexander the Great
Leonidas, King of Sparta
Emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a....
Legacy to his name
Tomb for his afterlife
Mausoleum for his wife
True or False: Queen Elizabeth I was the first female queen of England.
This Japanese emperor made the final decision to surrender to the US at the end of WWII.
Emperor Hirohito
Emperor Akihito
Emperor jimmu
Emperor Taish?
This Roman Emperor was considered cruel and murderous, and killed his own family.
Who was the English Prime Minister when WWII broke out?
Winston Churchill
Neville Chamberlain
Anthony Eden
Margaret Thatcher
This French monarch became king at age 4, built the Palace of Versailles and styled himself "The Sun King".
Louis XIV
Louis XVI
Henry IV
Napoleon Bonaparte
A 2015 poll found that the most popular American President in history is...
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman
In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II has been queen for...
45 years
70 years
57 years
81 years
This Ruler came to power by overthrowing her husband and then ruling for 34 years, the longest female rule of her country.
Catherine the Great
Elizabeth I
Queen Victoria
This Chinese ruler is known as the "Founding Father of the People's Republic of China."
Mao Zedong
Xi jinping
Liu Shaoqi
Deng Xiaoping
This man is known as the biggest conqueror in history.
Alexander the Great
Richard Lionheart
Genghis Khan
Sargon of Akaad
No Crown For You!
Sorry, but you didn't do well on this trivia quiz. The great rulers of the past were fascinating people, if not always GOOD people, and learning about them has many benefits, believe us. Their actions and decisions are still inspiring (or serve as warnings) to this day. Have a look below to see the correct answers, or try again!
You Are a Royal, But Not a Ruler
You did very well for yourself! A princely performance, one might say, but not quite kingly (or queenly). You did better than most, but still got quite a few answers wrong. If you are ambitious enough to become a full monarch, you may try the quiz again. If you are satisfied with being a prince or princess, however, you can look below at the answers.
You Highness, We Are Your Humble Servants!
My liege, you have obviously the knowledge to become a real monarch and hallowed ruler of the people. Long may be your reign and may it be blessed with peace and riches. In other words - You aced this test!
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