Animal vs. Animal

The animal kingdom is incredibly diverse, blessed with a huge plethora of various animals. Today, we'd like to pit some of these animals in a head-to-head duel with other animals - a head-to-head comparison! It will be up to you to tell us who should win each round. Don't forget to look at your mistakes in the end to see our explanations!
Which animal has a better sense of smell?
Which animal lives longer?
Which animal has the bigger heart?
Blue whale
Which animal reaches great speeds?
Quarter horse
Masali lion
Which animal has the longer tail?
Spider monkey
Which animal spends more of its day time sleeping?
Brown sloth
Which animal has the louder voice?
Which animal has the stronger bite?
Grizzly Bear
Which animal has more stomachs?
חידון ראש בראש ממלכת החיות: יען
חידון ראש בראש ממלכת החיות: קנגורו
Which bird has the longest migration on earth?
Arctic tern
European rocky
Which fish is longer?
Tiger shark
Lemon shark
Which animal has the larger brain?
An opportunity for learning...
It seems that your understanding of the animal kingdom and the animal world is not very broad - and that you did not pass this "head-to-head" test correctly. It may be because the answers confused you or that the field of wildlife is more foreign to you than the world of pets for example. Either way, you should open your horizons in this direction as well and delve a little deeper into it by looking at the correct answers.
חידון ראש בראש ממלכת החיות: חתול מחייך
You got a nice score!
You managed to do quite well, and you answered most of our "head to head" questions correctly. Although a few others seem to have confused you a bit. Nevertheless you seem to have a broad knowledge of this field and are interested in the living world. You can further expand your horizons in the animal kingdom by checking the correct answers for this quiz, or alternatively by trying to solve the test again to get a better score.
The "head-to-head" champion of the animal kingdom!
You achieved an excellent result on this test, and you seem to have a very broad knowledge of all things related to the animal world in all its huge variety, as well as the ability to identify which animals excel over others in each of the characteristics we asked about. If you are not an expert zoologist, you can consider a career in the field - because it seems that you are particularly knowledgeable about it!
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