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The wild world of the African Savannah is as fascinating as it is ancient, its rituals coming from innumerable repetitions over the many millennia. The dance of predator and prey, of animals and plants and earth is one that predates humanity. What do you know of this ancient animal kingdom?
What is the average weight of a newborn lion cub?
3.5 pounds / 1.6 kg
11 pounds / 5 kg
6.5 pounds / 3 kg
15 pounds / 7 kg
The elephant's trunk has 6 main uses, which of the following is NOT one of its functions?
Attracting the opposite sex
Collecting food from the floor
Taking in water
Used as a 'whip' to frighten other animals
How long will it take for a giraffe calf to be able to walk on its own?
20 minutes
48 hours
3-4 days
1-2 weeks
One of the largest of Africa’s cats, this feline spends its days lounging in the sun. It hunts big game such as zebra and wildebeest.
True or False: The rhino uses its horn to locate plants hidden underground
What trait characterizes the ostrich?
Fastest animal on two feet
It can be found around the world
It sticks its head in the sand
It can fly for long hours
Why was the African buffalo never domesticated by man?
Its dangerous and unpredictable nature
It was considered too lazy to be of help
Its muscles are too weak
It was considered holy by most African tribes
What is the name of the animal, common to Africa?
Grey crowned crane
Rufous-necked hornbill
Golden Quail
African peafowl
Which animal shares a close ancestor with the hippopotamus?
The Whale
The Rhino
The Pig
The Tortoise
Which of these is not true about the zebra?
They are born of a union between wild donkeys and wild horses
It can sleep standing up
It's faster than most of its predators
Each zebra has a unique pattern
What is the African wild dog known for?
Being perhaps the best hunter in the world
The most preyed upon animal in Africa
Lives alone
Lives up to 40 years
The term 'The Big Five' refers to...
The five animals hardest to hunt in Africa
The five biggest animals in Africa
The five biggest forests in Africa
The five biggest nature preserves in Africa
We Managed to Challenge You...
It seems we were able to stump you with our questions. Most of us know very little about the reality of the animals in the African savannah, so don't feel bad, and check out our answers to learn more about it.
You Did Well
You answered a fair number of questions correctly and demonstrated some definite understanding of animal life in the African Savannah. You probably have a lot of interest in animals and wildlife, as well as perhaps in Africa itself. Good on you!
That Was Too Easy For You!
You surprise us. We thought this was more challenging. Obviously not to you! The wild world of the African Savannah is as fascinating as it is ancient, its rituals coming from innumerable repetition over the many millennia. It gratifies us to no end that you know so much about it.
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