What Do You Know About WOLVES?

Wolves are the ancestors of our best friends, the dogs. However, they are much more than that, being cunning hunters, incredibly social and fascinating creatures in their own right. How much do you know about one of the fiercest and smartest hunters on the planet?
An Alpha wolf is the highest social standing for a wolf. How many Alpha wolves are in each pack of wolves?
Who in mythology was famously raised by a wolf?
Romulus and Remus
Wolf pups start with _______ colored eyes that, as adults, become ________ colored.
Blue, Yellow
Red, Blue
Yellow, Gray
Black, Blue
How old is a wolf before it is considered an adult and is allowed to leave the pack?
3 Months
3 Years
One Year
6 Months
True or False: A wolf that's not an alpha is not allowed to mate within the pack.
True, it must leave
False, it can mate with a non-alpha
What does it mean when a wolf howls at his pack?
It's trying to tell them its location
It's a warning them of danger
It doesn't mean anything, it's just a sound they like to make
It's trying to find a mate
Which of these sentences is correct?
Wolves have longer legs than dogs
Dogs have larger heads than wolves
Wolves have double the teeth that dogs do
Dogs have webbed feet while wolves do not
Which animal keeps a close social and hunting connection with wolves?
What do wolf pups mostly eat?
Small animals
Whatever is left of the corpse of the animal after the adults are done
Regurgitated food
Milk only
True or False: Among other things, wolves use facial expressions to communicate with each other.
What continent are wolves NOT native to?
North America
What term is used to indicate the lowest-ranking wolf in the pack?
Beta Wolf
Delta Wolf
Omega Wolf
Zeta Wolf
Still a Pup
When it comes to Wolves, you're still a cub. You won't be able to join a pack just yet, and you must learn a lot more about the habits, physical nature and dangers of the wolf world. Why don't you look at your mistakes below or take another crack at our quiz about these stunning hunters.
Lone Wolf
You have done well for yourself, which means you definitely have a good zoological knowledge and probably a love for animals. There are still a few things you don't know about wolves, and we'd recommend checking them below to see what you got wrong. As a wolf, you are now old enough to hunt and even start your own pack!
Part of the Pack
You are a wolf expert! You know quite a lot about these magnificent beasts. You probably love animals and knowing zoological facts, and we're sure you would fight for more lands for them to settle on. Your knowledge is truly impressive, and if you were a wolf, we'd vote you for alpha!
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