What Do You Know About Elephants?

The elephant is the mightiest beast on land, and an incredibly interesting animal with deep social ties, family values and remarkable intelligence. How much do you know about them? Let's test you.
Are elephants lead by the males or females of the group?
How high can an elephant jump?
Half their own height
A few feet in the air
Just enough to cross small patches
They can't
When compared to the human brain, the elephant brain has ______ neurons.
The same amount of
What continents do elephants come from?
Asia & Africa
Asia & Europe
South America & Africa
Asia & Oceania
When an elephant is scared, what will it do with its trunk?
Flail its trunk around
Make a trumpet sound
Hit what scared it
Blow water in the air
To cool off, what does the elephant fling on its back?
Mud or dirt
Leaves and branches
Swaths of grass
What is an elephant's top speed?
5 mph (8 kph)
25 mph (40 kph)
40 mph (64 kph)
60 mph (96 kph)
What does an elephant breathe through?
Both trunk and mouth
Elephants can live as long as...
30 years
50 years
25 years
80 years
True or False: Only male elephants have ivory tusks.
While the human body has about 600 muscles, how many muscles are in an elephant's TRUNK?
How are African elephants different than Asian elephants?
African elephants have larger ears and concave backs while Asian elephants have smaller ears and convex or level backs.
Asian elephants have larger ears and concave backs while African elephants have smaller ears and convex or level backs.
African elephants have smaller ears and concave backs while Asian elephants have larger ears and convex or level backs.
Shall We Try Again?
Elephants may not be the most familiar and common animal, so it's of little surprise you may not be that familiar with their traits. That said, they're fascinating animals, so if you want to know more check out the answers.
Nicely Done!
You definitely know more about Elephants than the average Joe. You got an above-average score and that means you probably know a bit about many things, especially animals. If you're interested in animal trivia, check out the rest of the category and see if your animal knowledge is equal to your Elephant knowledge! To learn more about Elephants and see where you did get it wrong, have a look at the answers.
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You got a very high score, and that means you know WAY more than the average person about Elephants. You're either a lover of titanic miracles or just a person who likes to know things. Maybe you're an animal lover like us! Be as it may, you are knowledgeable, and your elephant knowledge is genuinely impressive!
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