Can You Tell Which Animal is Which?

The world of animals is a huge world of interconnected species. Many animals have 'cousin' species that look a lot like them to human eyes, although for them the difference couldn't be more obvious. Can YOU tell the difference like an animal can? Then tell us - which animal is it?
Before you is an Ibex, a Deer and an Antelope. Which one is the Antelope?
מבחן הבדלי חיות: שפן, ארנבת וארנבון
Before you is a Rabbit, a groundhog and a Hare. Pick the Hare.
Bernard DUPONT
Which of these is NOT a difference between bees and wasps?
Bees pollinate while wasps don't
Bees die after stinging, while wasps do not
Bees are hairy while wasps are hairless
Bees live on nectar while wasps also live on meat
Before you is a Tiger, Cheetah and Jaguar. Pick the Jaguar.
Before you are a Labrador, German Shepard and Golden Retriever. Pick the golden retriever.
Edward f
Which of these is NOT one of the differences between alligators and crocodiles?
Alligators spend more time on land while crocodiles spend more time underwater
Crocodiles can be found around the world, but alligators cannot
Crocs have a narrow snout while alligators have a wide snout
Some crocs can live in saltwater while alligators can only live in sweet water
מבחן הבדלי חיות: צפע, קוברה ועכסן
Before you are a Rattlesnake, a Viper and a Cobra. Pick the rattlesnake.
Before you are a chameleon, a salamander and a gecko - choose the gecko.
Charles J. Sharp
Piotr Iskra
Before you is a hamster, gerbil and guinea pig- choose the guinea pig.
Shah Jahan
Before you are a gorilla, an orangutan and a chimpanzee - choose the chimpanzee.
מבחן הבדלי חיות: קוף גדול עם גוף שחור שנשען על אגרופיו
Tim Strater
מבחן הבדלי חיות: קוף גדול תלוי על חוט
מבחן הבדלי חיות: קוף שחור בגודל בינוני
What do you call the offspring of a donkey and a zebra?
A Zeedonk
A Donkzee
A Zedong
An Azz
Before you are a hawk, a falcon and an eagle - choose the eagle.
Before you are a Barn owl, a Grey Owl and an eastern Screech Owl. Pick the Barn Owl.
Yu Moskalenko
מבחן הבדלי חיות: פיל ים, אריה ים וכלב ים
In front of you is a sea elephant, a sea lion and a seal - choose the sea lion.
Frank Schulenburg
Marcel Burkhard
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