Test Your Animal Knowledge

Today we have a general knowledge quiz with a theme - ANIMALS! You will be facing 20 questions that explore all kinds of interesting animal facts. Do you have enough knowledge of wildlife to get a top score? Only one way to find out...
Where are grizzly bears naturally found?
Which sex of lions do the hunting?
Which of these species are highly endangered?
Malayan Tiger
Eastern Lowland Gorilla
Black Rhinoceros
All of them
Which continent is NOT a species (and habitat) of elephants?
Where are Bald Eagles found?
What is this gorgeous animal?
Red Wolf
Golden Jackal
African Hyena
Where are hedgehog species NOT found in the wild?
North America
Which of these is NOT an amphibian?
Which bird species is highly endangered?
California Condor
European Robin
Where are alligators NOT found?
North America
Penguins are only found in the:
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
The Blue Whale is the:
Largest animal to ever exist on Earth
Largest marine animal, but not land animal
Where are tigers NOT found?
Northern Africa
Which animal lays the largest eggs in the world?
Leatherback Turtle
Nile Crocodile
African Ostrich
Where are pandas found in the wild?
What is the largest extant fish in the world?
Great White
Whale Shark
Can insects be endangered?
Definitely not
Where are lemurs found?
Which beautiful parrot species is endangered?
Hyacinth & Lear's Macaws
Red-fronted Macaw
Sun Conure
All of them
Which mammal is known to have the most powerful bite in the world?
You Just Discovered a Lot of New Animal Facts!
So you did kind of fail this quiz, but let's face it - most do! It's filled with rare animal facts and tidbits you may not have heard, so we really can't fault you for that. On the bright side - you just learned a lot of cool facts about the animal world!
You Know Quite a Bit About Animals!
You got a good amount of questions right, which means you definitely know more than most people about animals and have a good intellectual curiosity regarding the animal world. You probably love animals and the natural world in general.
Wow, Are You a Zoologist or Something?
How did you get so many of these animal facts right? We're astounded. We didn't even think anyone would get here. What can we say? You have beat our quiz, you have beat us, you're a winner and have an incredible treasure trove of knowledge about nature. Amazing.
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