The Bunny Quiz

What's cuter than a little bunny? We love them for their innocence, beauty and peaceful ways. But how much do you really know about one of the most beloved pets in the world? Prove your rabbit knowledge by cracking our bunny quiz!
What is the term for a baby rabbit?
Kitten or kit
Puppy or pup
Cutsie or cutie
What is the average lifespan of a rabbit?
8-12 years
20-30 years
12-15 years
4-7 years
True or False: Rabbits belong to the Rodent Family
What is the difference between a rabbit and a hare?
None, a hare is a female rabbit
Rabbits are pets and hares are rabbits that live in the wild
Hares are bigger and have larger ears
Rabbits make nests above ground, while hares make their home in underground burrows
A happy rabbit does something called a "binky" - what is that?
It's when the rabbit jumps in the air and twists around
It's when the rabbit boops you on the nose or licks you
It's when the rabbit offers you their carrot
It's when the rabbit starts jumping into your lap and off of it over and over again
A typical rabbit litter has about...
22-28 bunnies
50-70 bunnies
4-12 bunnies
1-3 bunnies
True or Myth? Napoleon was once attacked by an "army" of rabbits and had to flee
True, his generals released too many rabbits on a hunt and the rabbits turned on them all
Myth, this is a common legend invented in France in the early 20th century
Why are rabbits connected to Easter traditions?
They symbolize new life because they are so fertile
They like to hide so it was natural for them to hide eggs
They symbolize a carefree attitude that is expected on the holiday
They symbolize carrots, which in turn symbolize the earth and springtime
Which of these facts about rabbits is true?
Rabbits can't vomit
Rabbits can hear a predator from 20 miles away
The Flemish giant rabbit can grow to weigh 80 pounds and 5 feet in length
Rabbits can live on carrots alone forever
True or False: A rabbit's teeth NEVER stop growing
What are baby rabbits like when they are born?
Eyes open, furry and can run away within a few minutes time
Blind, naked, and helpless
How long is a rabbit pregnancy?
4-6 months
3-4 months
6-9 months
About a month
Try Again?
So, maybe rabbits don't interest you much, or we just got you on some things you never knew. Well, rabbits are super interesting animals, and there is so much more to know about them and their cute little rabbit ways. If you like rabbits, learn from your mistakes and read more about them by clicking on show answers.
Bunny Admirer
You definitely have some knowledge about rabbits, about the average we'd say. You did a good job but there's still a lot to learn and you got only half or less than half of the answers right. Try the quiz again or have a look at your mistakes below. Rabbits aren't just cute creatures but also very interesting animals worth knowing even more about.
You Love Bunnies
There is little doubt you love rabbits and care about them. No one would know this much about rabbits without having a great liking to them, and probably to animals in general. However, you don't know it all, and you had a few mistakes. Why not try to take the quiz again or, alternatively, look below at your mistakes.
Bunny Expert
Wow, you hit this one out of the park! You must be a huge bunny lover, perhaps had some as pets? If you have, we're jealous! Rabbits are such adorable and fascinating animals and we love to know all we can about them. You've ACED this test!
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