Do You Know These Animal Facts?

Animals are all around us. In your backyard alone, there are thousands of living things. Zoology is the study of animal life, and it has discovers some incredible and fascinating facts about the animals of our planet. This quiz posits 16 questions about animals you must answer - Can you do it?
The heart of a shrimp is located in....
Its head
Its torso
Its left leg
Its backside
True or False: The fingerprint of koalas are so similar to humans that they've confused Australian police in the past.
True or False: Other than elephants, the only other animal that can't jump is the hippopotamus.
A rhinoceros' horn is made of...
Rough skin
It takes a sloth _______ to digest its food.
3 hours
3 days
2 weeks
2 months
A snail can sleep for up to...
3 hours
3 days
3 months
3 years
True or False: Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine.
Giraffes don't have this common body part.
Vocal Cords
This animal's eye is bigger than its brain.
This animal is unable to vomit, or it will vomit its whole stomach out.
How do you make a goldfish pale?
Keep it in a dark room
Feed it only rarely
Wait until it gets old
Feed it other goldfish
A certain kind of penguin uses a _____ to 'propose' to its lifemate.
fish head
Canis lupus lupus is the scientific name of which animal?
The grey wolf
The common house dog
The wolverine
The wolf bat
True or False: Macaques in Japan get coins from tourists and use them to buy vending machine snacks.
A pig's orgasm lasts for...
6 minutes
15 minutes
45 seconds
30 minutes
A study on cows' milk production found that cows give the most milk when...
They are around bulls
They are listening to relaxing music
They are kept alone
They are massaged beforehand
You Just Discovered a Lot of New Animal Facts!
So you did kind of fail this quiz, but let's face it - most do! It's filled with rare animal facts and tidbits you may not have heard, so we really can't fault you for that. On the bright side - you just learned a lot of cool facts about the animal world!
You Know Quite a Bit About Animals!
You got a good amount of questions right, which means you definitely know more than most people about animals - since most of these are rare facts indeed - and have a good intellectual curiosity regarding the animal world. You probably love animals and the natural world in general.
Wow, Are You a Zoologist or Something?
How did you get so many of these rare facts right? We're astounded. We didn't even think anyone would get here. What can we say? You have beat our quiz, you have beat us, you're a winner and have an incredible treasure trove of knowledge about nature. Amazing.
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