What Do You Know of Aquatic Animals?

If you love animals as much as we do, you must be chock-full of all kinds of facts about them. But are you as knowledgeable about the animals of the OCEAN as much as the animals on land? We're going to put you to the test right now and see if you know your stuff when it comes to life under the sea...
Which of these animals can hear sounds from up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) away?
Electric Eel
What is the most special thing about the sea horse?
It's the only animal where the male births and feeds the young
It can give a punch 120 times stronger than its weight
It can stab with its dorsal fin and it has a powerful neurotoxin that can kill a human
They are known to make bubbles and play with them
Which of these marine animals is NOT a mammal?
Which of these animals has the most ancient origins?
What does a certain species of male penguin give their beloved as a 'proposal'?
The head of a fish
A pebble
A piece of kelp
A 'Bouquet' of Sea Grass
To which animal are Manatees most related?
Where do Clownfish like to live?
In anemones
Inside dead oysters
Inside rock caves on the ocean floor
They sleep under the sand
Which of these sea animals is the most venomous?
Blue-Ringed Octopus
Sea Snake
How many people die from shark attacks each year?
Around 20
Around 250
Around 5
Around 1,200
Are fish considered vertebrate animals or invertebrate?
How long can a pet goldfish live for?
2 years
Six months
8 years
15 years
Which of these is NOT a way to tell seals and sea lions (or fur seals) apart?
Seals have tiny ear holes and sea lions have little ears
The front flippers of seals have hair and nails while sea lions' do not have either
Seals have pointy teeth while sea lions have fewer and more dull teeth
Sea lions can turn their hind flippers while seals cannot
Not Your Best
So you didn't do well on this quiz, but let's face it - most don't! It's filled with rare aquatic animal facts and tidbits you may not have heard, so we really can't fault you for that. On the bright side - you just learned a lot of cool facts about the world of sea animals!
You Know Quite a Bit
You definitely have an interest in aquatic zoology. While not an expert, you've shown some great knowledge about aquatic animals and the fascinating life they lead. If you'd like to learn more and understand where you went wrong, you can click on 'Show My Mistakes' to see the full information and answers.
You know Your Stuff!
We're astounded. You really know your aquatic animals don't you? We didn't even think anyone would get here. What can we say? You have beat our quiz, you have beat us, you're a winner and have an incredible treasure trove of knowledge about the ocean's denizens!
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