What Do You Know About Hinduism?

Hinduism is one of the most important and ancient religions in the world, and one that we should all know more about. It is a religion unlike any other, and has many tenets, philosophies and divine aspects. How much do you know about Hinduism, can we put your knowledge to the test?
True or False: Hinduism is the fourth largest religion in the world
Roughly 90% of all Hindus live in this country.
Who compiled the Vedas, the primary collection of Hindu holy texts?
Vishnu the Preserver
Sage Vyasa
Which of these is NOT a tenet of Hinduism?
Dharma (Ethics/Duties)
Artha (Prosperity/Work)
Kama (Passions/Desires)
Moxina (Profits/Wealth)
True or False: Hindus believe in a strictly linear concept of time. Things that happen before influence what comes after.
True, they believe that there is no other concept of time
False, they believe time is circular
Which of these is the most holy animal in Hinduism?
The Cow
The Horse
The Wolf
The Eagle
True or False: In Hinduism, female goddesses are holier than male gods.
What is the name of this sacred symbol in Hinduism, shown in this image?
Which religion existed first, Buddhism or Hinduism?
No one knows
They began at about the same time
Which of these is NOT one of the Trimurti - the 3 main male gods of Hinduism?
Brahma the Creator
Vishnu the preserver
Shiva the destroyer
Loki the Trickster
Who is the Hindu god of compassion, tenderness and love?
Which of these is the Hindu "Festival of Lights", which lasts five days?
Dhamma Day
You Have More to Learn
There is much to learn about Hinduism. It is one of the most ancients of beliefs, with many tenets, morals and pearls of wisdom to learn about. One does not need to be a Hindu to appreciate this religion. Why not learn from your mistakes by clicking on show mistakes?
You Know Quite a Bit
You are NOT ignorant when it comes to religions and this one is no exception. You definitely know quite a bit about this fascinating belief. That said, you didn't know ALL the answers to our questions, so why not click on Show Mistakes to learn where you went wrong and learn a few new things?
Your Knowledge is Impressive!
You may BE a Hindu or have been one in a previous life... You know a LOT about Hinduism, which is great since it's a fascinating belief. You must be a person of high intellectual curiosity, with a lot of knowledge about many things! Congratulations on acing our quiz!
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