WDYK About Moses of the Bible?

Moses is one of the greatest characters of the bible and one of the most important people in the Jewish, Christian, Muslim religions, among others. His story is one of the most familiar and fascinating ones described by the Old Testament, capturing our imagination as children and as adults. What do you remember about this biblical figure?
Why was Moses sent away as a baby on the river in a basket?
Because his family had no food to feed him
Because having children was forbidden to Israelites
Because the Pharaoh ordered all male newborns be killed
Because God ordered them to in a dream
Who found Moses as a baby?
The Pharaoh's daughter
The Pharaoh's mother
The Pharaoh's sister
His actual sister
What was the name of Moses's sister?
Moses grew up in the Pharaoh's home, what caused him to run away from his home?
He was ordered by the Pharaoh to kill other Israelites
He was ordered by the Pharaoh to leave and never return
He was ordered by God after hearing a voice from a burning bush
He killed a guard who was whipping a Hebrew slave
To convince the Pharaoh to let his people go, how many plagues did Moses curse Egypt with?
What was the first plague?
What was the last plague?
Death of firstborns
Why did Moses break the first set of the Commandments?
Because he saw the Israelites worshipping a golden calf
Because he fell on his way down, being exhuasted
Because he realized people won't obey them
Because he wanted to add two more commandments
How did Moses prove to Pharaoh that his God was mightier than the Egyptian gods?
He turned his stick to a snake that ate their snakes
He forced the magicians of the court to bow down to him
He made the day into night and then back into day
He made the waters of the Nile rise and flood the palace
Which Sea did Moses part to let the Israelites cross?
The Red Sea
The Dead Sea
The Black Sea
The Mediterranean Sea
How did Moses sin against God?
Forced a rock to produce water without asking God for permission
Lost hope the Israelites will reach the promised land
Killed his older brother, Aaron
Did not keep the Israelites from committing blasphemy
How was Moses punished for his sin?
He wouldn't make it inside the promised land
He would leave no offspring
His offspring will be cursed to the 4th generation
Death, immediately
How old was Moses when he died?
Time to Refresh Your Memory
It may be time to have a look at one of the best biblical stories ever told, it's a fascinating read, and it seems like you don't remember that much about it. It's a very rewarding read. Alternatively, have a look at our answers to see where you went wrong.
Pretty Good!
You know quite a bit about Moses and the biblical story about him and the Israelites and their long journey to the promised land. While you don't know every last detail about this biblical figure,
Congrats! You know your Moses very well. You may have a knowledge of 'biblical' proportions, or just love the story of Moses, one that has given risen to many imaginations over the thousands of years that have passed since. KUDOS!
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