What Do These Things Have in Common?

One of the cornerstones of logic is deducing what is common and what is different about groups of things. Here is one such test to challenge your knowledge and logic: Can you tell us what these things have in common?
What do Spielberg, Seagal and Tyler have in common?
A first name
They are all in the movie business
They are all in the music business
They are all worth over $500 million
What do alpha, beta and gamma radiation have in common?
They are all types of nuclear radiation
They are all types of solar radiation
They are all harmless radiation
They are all used by microwaves
What do London, Athens and Paris have in common?
They all hosted the Summer Olympics more than once
They have all hosted the soccer world cup more than once
They are all over 3000 years old
Shakespeare lived in all three
What do Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day Lewis and Walter Brennan have in common?
All have won at least 3 Oscars
All have starred in over 50 movies
All have won best supporting actor Oscars
All have directed at least one movie they starred in
What do CO2, N2O and O3 gases have in common?
They are all greenhouse gasses
They are all harmless to breathe
They are all man-made gases
They are all noble gases
What do Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan and Bill Clinton have in common?
They are all left-handed
They have all been married more than once
They have all written their own autobiographies
All three are talented violin players
What do the songs Hey Jude, Let It Be and Blackbird have in common?
They were all written by Paul McCartney
They were all written by John Lennon
They were all written by George Harrison
They were all written by Ringo Starr
What do Albert Einstein and Henry Kissinger have in common?
Both left Germany for United States
Both married a relative
Both survived a plane crash
Both have degrees in Physics
What do the king of Jordan, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have in common?
They all studied at Oxford
They all won the Nobel peace prize
They all own oil companies
They have all been trialed in Europe for war crimes
What do the US presidents Andrew Jackson, Theodore Roosevelt and Richard Nixon had in common?
All survived assassination attempts
All died while in office
All did not finish their presidency
All were amateur wrestlers
What do India, China and the USA have in common?
All have landed ships on the moon
All have the top 3 GDP in the world
All have over 98% urban residents
All have over 1B citizens
What do Claudius, Rosalind and Titania have in common?
All were rulers of Spain
All are Shakespearean characters
All are famous women who dressed as men
All were Dukedoms in Middle Age England
This didn't go your way
Shame, this wasn't your day. Maybe if you rest a bit and try again after a good meal. Of course, it could be we just lucked out on stuff you don't know very well. Happens to the best of us. Have another crack at it or check our answers.
You did well
While you didn't get the better of all our questions, you did answer a good number of them, indicating a good amount of knowledge or a good amount of logic. Either way, have a look at where you went wrong or take another crack at it!
You ACED it!
Wow, both your knowledge and your logic seem to be intact. Actually, they're quite impressive! Good for you, you ACED our test!
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