Do You Know Some Words in Portuguese?

Portuguese is spoken by over of a quarter billion people. It has many words that have made it out into the world and into other languages as well. Think you caught some of them on the way? Let's fine out! NOTE: This quiz will be using Brazilian Portuguese and not European Portuguese. However, for these phrases, there is very little if any difference, since these are basic words good for tourism. Good luck!
How do you say "Yes" in Portuguese?
How would you say "Thank You" in Portuguese?
Obrigado if you're a man and Obrigada if you're a woman
Obrigada if you're a man and Obrigado if you're a woman
Por favor if you're a man and Por favora if you're a woman
Por favora if you're a man and Por favoro if you're a woman
If you're in Brazil and someone comes and says to you "Oi!", what do they want?
To say hi
For you to stop what you're doing
For you to go away
To thank you
How do you say the number eight (8) in Portuguese?
A Brazilian has come over and asks you: "Tudo bem?" What do they want to know?
if everything is all right
If I can help them
If I'm busy
If I needed anything
You ask a Portuguese speaker when your package will be sent, and they answer: "Amanhã." When do they mean?
It was sent yesterday
Next week
You just woke up in a Brazilian hotel and you go have breakfast, you'd like to say good morning to the cook, so you say...
Bom dia!
Boa noite!
Boa tarde!
A Brazilian asks you how you are, and you'd like to say you are very well. So you say...
Muito bem
Muy bien
Muy bem
Muito bien
You go into a shop in Brazil, point at a shirt you'd like to know the price of, and ask...
Quanto custa?
Cuánto cuesta este?
Quanto costa questo?
Quanti hoc pretium?
How does one say "No" in Portuguese?
In English we say "Happiness", in Portuguese they say...
How would you describe a pretty woman in Portuguese?
Shall We Try Again?
It may be you got a bit confused translating these Portuguese words, or you just didn't know much Portuguese, to begin with. Not to worry, we're sure you have your own languages to worry about, but just so you know - Portuguese is a really beautiful language to learn, should you ever be so inclined.
Very Good!
You surely know some Portuguese. You've probably heard it around for years before starting to understand single words and phrases here and there. Continue your Portuguese journey, it's such a beautiful language and Brazil is a fascinating place.
You aced this test and proven to us you know at least basic Portuguese and can probably take care of yourself if you ever visit a Portuguese-speaking country like Brazil or Portugal. Congratulations on having a love for the Portuguese language, it's a gorgeous one.
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