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Welcome to another edition of "Complete That Famous Quote!". If you think you know your famous quotes, or can deduce the real ending of these quotes, then step right up and test your recollection of these inspiring and famous quotes. In each of these questions you will read half of a quote, can you pick the correct ending?
Complete the quote by Ernest Hemingway
"first you must live it.”
"first you must find love."
"first you must fight for it."
"first you must experience it for yourself."
Complete the quote by Abraham Lincoln
"is to create it."
"is to be honest."
"is to stay true to yourself"
"is to be kind."
Complete the quote by George Bernard Shaw
"who can make a living by his hobby."
"who brings a life into this world."
"who finds love and happiness in this life."
"who has no wife."
Complete the quote by the Buddha
"you will miss your life.”
"you will gather no pleasure."
"you will blunder and fall."
"you will not reach enlightenment."
Complete the quote by Elie Wiesel
"it's indifference."
"it's envy."
"it's control."
"it's bitterness."
Complete the quote by Edmund Burke
"is for good men to do nothing."
"is allowing the spread of envy."
"is for good people to allow it to thrive."
"is for people to look away."
Complete the quote by Socrates
"is not worth living."
"is a tragedy written slowly."
"is like a chicken without a head."
"is like a meat without salt."
Complete the quote by Oprah Winfrey
"into wisdom."
"into scars."
"into experience."
"into strength."
Complete the quote by Dolly Parton
"you gotta put up with the rain."
"you have to get a little wet."
"you need to go outside and look at it."
"you have to accept the cloud."
Complete the quote by Confucius
"men insist on making it complicated."
"men do not want to believe it."
"only children believe it."
"only I know this for sure."
Complete the quote by Deepak Chopra
"is joy."
"is happiness."
"is acceptance."
"is pleasure."
Complete the quote by Benjamin Franklin
"and wise too late."
"but regret too late."
"but learn too late."
"and foolish enough too late."
Complete the quote by Mahatma Gandhi
"Learn as if you were to live forever."
"Love as if you are immortal."
"Laugh as if there is only the now."
"Believe as if there is no death."
Complete the quote by T.S. Eliot
"is a fresh beginning."
"is another opportunity."
"is a chance to love."
"is unique, and will never come again."
Room For Improvement
Quotes are not your strong suit, it appears, or perhaps you are better with quotes in your own part of the world. Be that as it may, why don't you try again and see if you can score higher?
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Quote Master!
Wow you are amazing! You know these quotes like a conductor knows their orchestra. You really do know your quotes and you've aced this test! We threw a bunch of different quotes at you but you got the upper hand and managed to finish them properly. You obviously are very knowledgeable and so we congratulate you.
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