Zebras aren’t fans of colouring books. They don’t like having to stay between the lions.
What kind of books do owls read?
Why are math books so darn depressing?
They’re literally filled with problems.
What types of books do pines read? Poetree books.
Books are my kind of texts.
I like big books and I cannot lie.
The high school music teacher was controversial for having his students read band books.
When I think about books, I touch my shelf.
Life Really Does Happen In Numbers
Life Really Does Happen In Numbers Four men were discussing coincidences at a bar. The first man said: "My wife was reading a Tale of Two Cities and she gave birth to twins." "That’s funny", the second man remarked. "My wife was reading The Three Musketeers and she gave birth to triplets" “My goodness,” the third man chimed in. “The same happened to me. My wife had quintuplets after reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven.” The fourth man shouted, now looking quite ill, "Good God, I have to rush home!" When asked what the problem was, he exclaimed, "When I left the house, my wife was reading Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves!!"
A pile of books fall onto Sean Connery's head
He exclaims: "I only have my shelf to blame!"
What Kind of Books do Rabbits Read? Ones with Hoppy Endings.
Coming to Theaters: The thrilling tale of a man who cooked biographical books like turkey on Thanksgiving.

*Baste on a True Story...*
How many books can you put in an empty backpack? One! After that its not empty!
A man walks up to a librarian and asks, "Do you have any books on Pavlov's dogs and Schrödinger's cat?" The librarian responds, "It rings a bell but I'm not sure if it's here or not."
Books on helium are so hard to put down.