Covid-19: 15 Questions About Proper Caution!

The Coronavirus is here and the world is shutting down. This is a global danger the dimensions of which are much bigger than anyone initially thought. At these dangerous and unhealthy times, it is crucial we all know the truth about the virus, how to protect against it and what are the myths that simply aren't true. Take our quiz and test your coronavirus knowledge. We hope it will help you find any weak points in your precautions, if you have any.
The Corona Virus is spread through...
Breathing the same air
Kissing an infected person
All answers are correct
True or False: A person released from isolation does not pose a threat of infection any more.
Which parts of your body should you be washing the most?
Full body shower
What is the mortality rate of the common cold?
The Corona Virus (or the illness caused by it) is ______ times as deadly as the common cold.
More than 20
More than 50
Between 10 and 20
Between 5 and 10
True or False: The Coronavirus does not affect young people under 19.
Which of these is NOT a symptom of the Coronavirus?
Shortness of breath
A Rash on your neck
Body pains
How long should you wash your hands for?
20 seconds
10 seconds
As long as they got soaped it doesn't matter
30 seconds
Which of these are OK to touch with unwashed hands?
Don't touch any part of your face
A recent announcement said only ____ in 10 people wash their hands regularly.
TRUE or FALSE? Ordering or buying products shipped from China can make you catch the virus.
If a person were to get infected, how long until they show symptoms?
2 days
12 hours
4 days
They may never show
Which of these is the LEAST at risk from the Coronavirus? (Possibly more than 1 correct answer)
Pregnant women
Young children
People with heart problems
People with lung problems
Women 25-35
Men 25-35
The heat from hand dryers can kill the virus if used for...
Over 10 seconds
Over 20 seconds
Over 30 seconds
Hand dryers can't protect you from the virus
True or False: Antibiotics can help strengthen your body for the Coronavirus disease
You need to learn more!
Unfortunately, you don't seem to know much about the Coronavirus. Usually we'd recommend learning more about the subject, but when it comes to this disease - we're begging you - PLEASE learn all you can about this new danger, and keep to the safety procedures that will hopefully keep you and your family safe and healthy. Share with family and friends so they can test their own knowledge of this dangerous virus.
Good, but there's more to know!
Good, you know enough that you will probably follow the safety precautions pretty well and avoid the virus. However, you didn't get all of the questions, which means you may still be susceptible to the virus by forgetting something important. Please do go over your mistakes and find any holes in your knowledge of the virus. Remember to update yourself daily! Share with family and friends so they can test their own knowledge of this dangerous virus.
Great Job! You should be safe!
You really know all about the Coronavirus, at least as much as anyone knows right now. Listen to your knowledge and continue to follow the procedures you obviously know by heart now. This will keep you and your family safe. If everyone were like you, we'd have this disease beat in no time! Share with family and friends so they can test their own knowledge of this dangerous virus.
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