Which basketball team is the favorite at the North Pole?
The New York Old Saint Knicks.
Which violation do ghosts get called for the most in basketball?
Ghoul tending.
What did the player on the Bumblebee basketball team say after making a foul shot?
Hive Scored!
What do a rabid rabbit and a basketball player have in common?
Mad hops.
What do you call a basketball team that cries after they lose the game?
A bawl club.
What do you get if you cross a new born snake with a basketball?
A bouncing baby boa.
What do you call a pumpkin that can slam dunk a basketball?
Michael Gourdan.
Did you know that the blue whale is so big, that if you laid it end to end on a basketball court …
The game would be cancelled.
Before the Koalaville basketball team can play for the national championship, they have to make it through the koalafying rounds.
Why are black people so good at basketball?
Dedication and hard work.
There once was a lad from West Philly

Who played basketball and got silly

He fought with some brothers

Which worried his mother

Now he's know as Bel Air's Fresh Prince, Willy
What is a basketball players favorite kind of cheese? Swish cheese!
Working at The Circus
Working at The Circus So, Alex sees an ad in the newspaper that says “Circus Looking for New Talents”. Alex says to himself, “Eh, what the heck. I’m pretty talented.” and calls the circus. A lady answers him. “Hello,” she says. “Hi, is this the circus?” “Yes.” “I’ve heard you’re hiring.” “You’ve heard correctly, sir. What is your name?” “Alex.” “Alright then, Alex, what makes you think you can join the circus?” “Well, I have several talents... for example, I can shoot a three-pointer in basketball, like five times in a row.” “O... Okay... That’s quite impressive, sir, but it’s not really not what we’re looking for. I think maybe you should call the NB...” “No, no, wait! I... I can hula hoop for like 30 seconds straight!” “Sir, I really don’t think you understand what the concept of a cir...” “No, please, I... I... I can jump on one leg while saying the alphabet backwards!” “...” “...” “Goodbye, sir.” She hangs up the phone. Alex sits there for a few seconds before he realizes he forgot something. “Oh darn! I forgot to tell her I’m a horse!”
Why is Basketball such a messy sport? Because you dribble on the floor!
Why are frogs so good at basketball?
Because they always make jump shots.
Why do basketball players love cookies? Because they can dunk them!