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Raccoons Are Too Adorable and Quirky Not to Be Loved!

Raccoons are naturally sneaky and mischievous. They even wear a mask, like any proper thief! But that’s only one of the many funny and adorable character traits these silly raccoons have. We've got a whole collection of funny raccoon pictures for you that will crack you up.

As you’re about to see, raccoons are very friendly and social while also being very protective of their babies, and these funny raccoon pics are proof. They are extremely clean animals, albeit a bit lazy at times. With all their quirky deviousness, craftiness, and charisma, these silly raccoons are here to steal your heart. Here are 32 funny raccoon pics that will make your day.

1. "Hello there, best friend!"

Funny Raccoon Pictures cat hugs raccoon

2. "At dawn, we ride." 

Funny Raccoon Pictures sitting on a toy horse

3. What a cute little princess!

Funny Raccoon Pictures flower crown

4. Dr. Coons is here to help

Funny Raccoon Pictures psychiatric help

5. "Just me and the guys hanging out at the bar."

Funny Raccoon Pictures pugs and racoon on bar chairs

6. He wore the Santa Coon costume for the milk and cookies

Funny Raccoon Pictures Santa Claus costume

7. Pickles? What pickles?!

Funny Raccoon Pictures raccoon in a jar

8. "No more trash for you today, young man!"

Funny Raccoon Pictures mother holds baby raccoon

9. Mission: Impossible - raccoon edition

Funny Raccoon Pictures vending machine

10. And here's the sequel!

Funny Raccoon Pictures sausage

11. This little chubster could use a workout...

Funny Raccoon Pictures gym

12. "This milk stuff is amazing!"

Funny Raccoon Pictures drinking milk

13. This is exactly the situation I want to be in right now...

Funny Raccoon Pictures eating entire pizza on a couch

14. Awww! What an adorable and lazy fella!

Funny Raccoon Pictures sleeping

15. "How did I end up here?"

Funny Raccoon Pictures zoo

16. Dreaming about her... and maybe another bowl of popcorn

Funny Raccoon Pictures looking out the window

17. "Finally, we've been waiting for you all day!"

Funny Raccoon Pictures group of raccoons
Source of above images: Bored Panda

18. "Quick, find the safe and get the money! The humans will never suspect"

19. "Oh heck! We've been caught!"

20. Gotta have some rest after being so silly all day

21. What a whole lotta love

22. Best buddies never part

23. 'Bout to have me some of these delicious grapes

24. Yummy yummy in my tummy

25. Yo! Are you stealing my lunch??
26. This one is just on brand
27. "Think I'll skip the gym today..."
28. Buddies who nap together, stick together
29. Taken moments before disaster
30. If it fits, I sits
31. I mean, who really sleeps on the bed anyway?
32. "You haven't seen the last of me!!!"
H/T: 1, 2
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