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Hysterical and Cute Photos of What Can Happen at the Beach

Spending time at the beach is fun, we all know that, but the photos in this collection prove that one can stumble upon some really funny characters and things on the beach, be it a funny sign, a particularly ingenious sandcastle architect or...well … a seal sunbathing on a beach chair. We hope these hilarious photos will brighten your day and make you look closer at what’s going on at the beach the next time you’re there. Who knows, maybe you’ll encounter something even funnier.

1. This beauty likes to lounge on the beach just like the next person. Her name is Argiro, and she frequents this beach, the locals even got her a personal chair 

hilarious beach photos seal on the beach

2. These rascals are willing to follow snacks to the end of the world... well maybe not that far, but they're definitely ready to take a plunge into the water

hilarious beach photos racoons at the beach
3. These wild ponies are really enjoying the beach, but one of them does seem to steal someone's shade there. Rude, pony, bring your own umbrella next time
hilarious beach photos wild ponies at the beach

4. Behold, the mother of all beach towels! Try shaking the sand off that thing...

hilarious beach photos beach towel

5. Did that seagull just take that kid's lunch? This is proof that seagulls are the bullies of the sea... 

hilarious beach photos seagull stealing

6. The man reportedly said that he receives the shirt as a present from his grandkids... Well done, grandkids! 

hilarious beach photos beach better have my money shirt

7. Geez, the person who made this sand sculpture is talented, but seeing it from distance on a beach can give someone a heart attack!

hilarious beach photos mermaid sand sculpture

8. This busy little crab is definitely the breadwinner in the family

hilarious beach photos crab with money

9. This funny sign on a beach in Lithuania warns what could happen to those who violate beach rules

hilarious beach photos beach rules sign Lithuania funny

10. "I've been on this beach for way too long, my friend"

hilarious beach photos dog funny beach buried

11. "To want cookies, or not to want? That is the question..." - William Cookiemonster

hilarious beach photos cookie monster at the beach

12. Personally, I'd love to go to this beach

hilarious beach photos no wifi beach

13. What a cruel world we live in where you have to safeguard your flipflops

hilarious beach photos flipflops
14. A sand couch instead of a sand castle? Wow, this man is a genius! 
hilarious beach photos sand caste couch
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