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The Silliest Animal Photos You Will Ever See!

We’ve often shown you many beautiful animal photos in the past. And they sure are a treat for sore eyes. But sometimes, even badly taken photos of wild animals can make your day. Here, we have featured some hilariously bad animal photos that are guaranteed to make you laugh. From moody pigeons to stealthy raccoons, these animals were snapped in some rather awkward situations. Take a look.

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1. Imagine waking up to this sight in your bathroom.

Funny Animal Photos reptile

2. Caught in the act! 

Funny Animal Photos raccoon

3. When you're lazy and proud of it...

Funny Animal Photos swans

4. "Hi there, hi there, hi there!!!"

Funny Animal Photos otters

5. But smoking is bad for your health, Mr. Lizard! 

Funny Animal Photos lizard

6. When your grumpy friend ruins a beautiful photo you were about to take.

Funny Animal Photos pigeon

7. Here's another photobomb. This time, by a sleepy pigeon.

Funny Animal Photos

8. A capybara being nipped by a goose. Have you ever seen anything like this before? 

Funny Animal Photos capybara

9. "Oh look, Honey… there’s a sweet little chipmunk in the birdhouse."

Funny Animal Photos chipmunk

10. "Excuse me. Could I borrow a bowl of water, please?" 

Funny Animal Photos moose

11. "Can you just stop honking so loudly?!!!"

Funny Animal Photos  bird

12. This Great Horned Owl doesn’t trust anyone...

Funny Animal Photos Great Horned Owl

13. Did this Northern cardinal have a tennis ball for lunch? 

Funny Animal Photos   Northern cardinal

14. Back to the mothership.

Funny Animal Photos  bird

15. I've been spotted! Time to make a run for it!!!

Funny Animal Photos raccoon
All images source: The Chive
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