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These Warm and Fuzzy Animals Will Make You Go ‘Aww!’

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or just need a little boost of positivity and good spirits in your day? Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered! These adorable and funny animal pictures are here to put a beautiful smile on your face in a blink of an eye. Scroll down and let these cheerful puppies, adorable baby foxes, and hilarious sleeping bumblebees do their magic.

1. This dog has achieved complete peace and tranquility!

Cute Animals dog and parrots

2. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is old news - this calf is wearing his heart on his adorable little face

Cute Animals  calf with a heart on face

3. Who knew an ordinary branch could bring someone SO MUCH joy?!

Cute Animals dog skipping joyfully with branch in his mouth

4. "I just wanted to give you a really big hug!"

Cute Animals cat and horse hug

5. "Now I see the use of those 'opposable thumbs' you were telling me all about."

Cute Animals cat toy car crash

6. Imagine stumbling upon this sweet baby fox on a stroll through the woods

Cute Animals baby fox sleeping

7. Did someone say the magic word 'dinner?'

Cute Animals animals looking through the window

8. "Fear me, mirror! I am a fierce DRAGON!"

Cute Animals gekko in front of a mirror

9. "I wonder why the world went black all of a sudden?"

Cute Animals pigeon leaf

10. "Darling, I want a romantic photoshoot with just me and you!"

Cute Animals iguanas

11. Why are you so serious, Mr. Fluffball?

Cute Animals serious baby seal

12. "Yaay, I finally learned how to grab a branch! See?"

Cute Animals baby elephant

13. Sweet dreams, little kitten!

Cute Animals sleeping kitten

14. What a happy little squirrel!

Cute Animals squirrel

15. "Remember, I'm watching you!"

Cute Animals suspicious duck

16. A starfish on a lunch break

Cute Animals starfish

17. "A few more days, and I'll learn to fly!"

18. "Nothing, not even the tastiest treat, will tear us apart!"

Cute Animals cat and dog hugging

19. Yes, this is how bumblebees sleep. Now you've seen everything.

Cute Animals bumblebees sleep

20. "Any treats for me today, kind madam or sir?"

Cute Animals baby fox near the window

21. How adorable is this baby hippo!

Cute Animals baby hippo
Source of all images: Thesnuggleisrl/ Bored Panda
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