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As the American journalist, Norman Cousins, once said, 'History is a vast early warning system.' This means that unless we look to the past to guide us, the way forwards will be far more turbulent than it should be. Throughout the ages, figures like Henry VIII, Christopher Columbus, and Florence Nightingale paved the way for humanity's progress, for better or for worse, and it's our duty to remember exactly who they were and what they did. This trivia quiz will determine just how much you already know, and how much more you still need to discover.
Dante Divine Comedy artwork
Which of these works of Italian literature was written by Dante Alighieri?
The Divine Comedy
The Betrothed
The Name of the Rose
The Frenzy of Orlando
Mount Rushmore
Which president doesn't appear on Mount Rushmore?
John Adams
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
Amelia Earhart
Where did Amelia Earhart's plane disappear?
Over the Central Pacific Ocean
Over the Mediterranean Sea
Over the Arctic Ocean
Over the Persian Gulf
Anne Frank
Where did Anne Frank and her family attempt to hide from the Gestapo?
Florence Nightingale
During which war was Florence Nightingale nicknamed 'The Lady with the Lamp'?
Crimean War
World War I
World War II
First Anglo-Burmese War
Henry VIII
Which of Henry VIII's wives gave birth to King Edward VI?
Jane Seymour
Anne Boleyn
Catherine of Aragon
Anne of Cleves
Which Egyptian pharaoh was Nefertiti married to?
Ramses II
Amenhotep I
Babe Ruth
How many home runs did Babe Ruth achieve throughout his baseball career?
Malcolm X
What organization did Malcolm X found after leaving the Nation of Islam?
Muslim Mosque, Inc
Universal Negro Improvement Association
Sons of Liberty
Improved Order of Red Men
Francis Bacon
According to a popular conspiracy theory, whose plays were assumed to have been written by Francis Bacon?
William Shakespeare
Christopher Marlowe
John Ford
John Webster
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Which pope canonized Saint Thomas Aquinas?
Pope John XXII
Pope Clement VII
Pope Innocent X
Pope John Paul II
Sun Quan
Which Chinese dynasty was ruled by Sun Quan?
Christopher Columbus
Where was Christopher Columbus headed, when he ended up in America?
The East Indies
South Africa
Henry Ford
In what year did Henry Ford open the Ford Motor Company?
What was Voltaire's birth name?
François-Marie Arouet
Henri da Voltara
Willem du Chatelet
Guillame Algarotti
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Oh dear, unfortunately your results aren't as brilliant as they could have been. You probably won't be winning any history scholarships anytime soon, either. But don't despair, since very few things in life are as satisfying as delving deep into our world's history. There's just so much variety to discover that it'll never need to get boring or repetitive. In the words of Marcus Garvey, 'A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'
toy Chinese soldiers
History Buff
Congratulations on getting such a brilliant result. It's great to see that some people still like to brush up on their historical knowledge from time to time, since you definitely couldn't have remembered all of that from your school days. Without the study of history, the world would be doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, so good on you for keeping the tradition alive. In the words of Eduardo Galeano, 'History never really says 'Goodbye.' History says, 'See you later.''
naval battle
Master Historian
Congratulations, your knowledge of historical figures and their deeds is exceptional! Stretching from the War of the Three Kingdoms to the records set by Babe Ruth, there are very few questions that can catch you off guard. We'd recommend that you consider joining a local, or possibly even national, quiz group. Just think of all the glory that's been bestowed upon great winners throughout the ages. The prize money's usually not too bad either! In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, 'We are not makers of history. We are made by history.'
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