Do You Know These Famous Fairy Tales?

 When you're a child, fairy tales are special, even magical at times. There is something almost timeless about them, especially about the morals and messages they have to convey. Do you love fairy tales? Then you should find this next quiz easy!
Let's start you easy. How many dwarfs did Snow White live with?
What was the magic word Ali Baba used to get into the cave of the 40 thieves?
Open, By God!
Open, Please!
Open, Stone!
Open, Sesame!
In the Grimm fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" - What did the king try to discover?
Why his daughters can't stop dancing
Why his daughters are always tired
Why his daughters are vanishing
Why his daughters' shoes keep wearing out
In the story of Hansel and Gretel, what did the kids use the first time they were in the forest to find their way back home?
In that same story, what was the witch's house made of?
In the original story of Cinderella, how did the prince know neither of her sisters were the woman he met at the ball?
In some versions, the sisters cut the heels off their feet and the prince notices they are bleeding as he takes them back to the castle.
They tried on the slipper and it wouldn't fit
He was warned by the mother
He saw their faces and immediately knew they aren't as beautiful as the lady he met
He sees them trying to hide Cinderella
How did Thumbelina come to be with her human mother?
The mother really wanted a child of her own
The mother found Thumbelina alone in the forest, just a baby
The mother paid a fairy to give her a special flower that eventually opened and inside was Thumbelina
The mother made her out of a magic potion, which included sugar, spice and everything nice
She was given to the mother as a gift after she had saved the fairy queen
Which of these comments did Little Red Riding Hood NOT make about the wolf pretending to be her grandmother?
"What a great nose you have."
"What large ears you have."
"What strange hair you have."
"What great teeth you have."
Complete the sentence: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall....
Who is the most perfect one of all?"
Who is the fairest of them all?"
Who is the most beautiful of them all?"
Who is the tallest?"
How many peas did the princess sleep on?
A single pea
Three peas
Two peas
A dozen peas
In the story of 'Puss in Boots', who did the clever puss defeat in order to win the castle for his master?
An evil ogre with magical powers
A Duke
A Wizard
An Ogre
A Troll
And HOW did the clever Puss defeat his enemy?
He challenged him to become a mouse and ate him
He tricked him to think he was a dragon in cat form
He tricked him to think his owner is the most frightening wizard in all the land
He tricked him to think there was a much nicer castle on the other side of the land
In the tale "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" - who was the one to finally defeat the evil troll?
The biggest billy goat had a head butting contest with him, won and threw him off the bridge.
The Biggest Billy Goat
The Smallest Billy Goat
The Middle Billy Goat
In the story of 'The Frog Prince', why is it that the princess is crying when the frog approaches her?
It was a golden ball and her favorite pastime was to play with it
She's crying because no one loves her
She's crying because she lost her ball down a deep fountain
She's crying because her father is making her marry
She's crying because she has no friends
You Need to Hear More Tales From Fairies!
Fairy-Tales have delighted and frightened kids for many a generation. They not only entertain but teach, and have many morals and ethical messages hidden within. It's well worth knowing them, even if to just pass them along. Your score is low, which means you may want to try again, or read some of these short tales again to recall how pretty they are.
A Fairy-Tale Lover
You surely haven't forgotten your most beloved fairy tales and their heroes and heroines. They come with wonderful morals and beautiful descriptions. Some come with poetry and some with real song. Your score indicates you did quite well for yourself, knowing at least a part of these age-old stories. Keep reading them, they're worth holding on to.
A Fairy-Tale Expert
You got very high scores! You obviously love and cherish these age-old stories of wonderment, morals, magic, beasts, wizards, trolls, ogres, kings and princesses. So many things to love about it, and you surely know your stuff! Your aced this test and no doubt about it. Congratulations!
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