Are You Good At Phrases? Find Out In This Quiz

Phrases fill our writings and our conversations, some of them are hackneyed cliches that no one gives a second thought to, but some are pure gems of folk wisdom. Let's see how well you know your phrases with this taxing but fun quiz!
The hand that rocks the cradle _____.
Rules the world
Drops it
Will make the baby cry
Gets so tired
Hits the table
Breaks the bough
Is not a ladle
Loses the ring
The more things change, the more they _____.
Stay the same
Get better
Look the same
Look different
Begin to improve
Resist change
Turn a new page
Repeat history
There are none so blind as those that _____.
Will not see
Close their eyes
Don't think things through
Walk in darkness
Watch television
Don't bring enough lamp oil
Lose their glasses
There's no fool like _____.
An old fool
A clever fool
A lover
King Lear's fool
A simple tool
An old man
There's no smoke without _____.
A liar
A Cuban cigar
A sign
There's no such thing as a _____.
Free lunch
Dead cert
Money tree
Hot dinner
Tooth fairy
Good man
There's one born _____.
Every minute
Every hour
In a stable
And one dead
In Bethlehem, Judea
Beneath a star
Every century
In a blue moon
Those who sleep with dogs, will _____.
Rise with fleas
Lie with dogs
Go barking mad
Dream of cats
Flee after beggars
Never see daylight
Win a lot
Lick their wounds
Time and tide wait for _____.
No man
The moon
The Romans
Bride and groom
Flying pigs
Truth is stranger than _____.
The news
You and me
The legend
A house divided against itself _____.
Cannot stand
Is no house
Is built without faith
Just multiplies troubles
Is built on stony ground
Sets one against the other
Throws stones
Can't withstand shocks
Hell hath no fury like _____.
A woman scorned
My neighbor's hound dog
A woman burned
A scorned woman
A protestor
The devils advocate
A woman forgotten
A burned woman
A ravening wolf
You Have Room to Improve…
But you are well on your way! Bravo for having a go at this quiz, because few can master the obscure phrases we have picked out. Still, we hope this bit of fun has taught you a few phrases you can impress your friends with. That’ll give you the boost you need to learn even more! Better luck next time!
Very Good
You’ve got what it takes! We can see you must be a good listener, because there are not many phrases that you don’t recognize. It’ll only take a bit more patience and learning and you’ll be able to remember all of the great store of verbal wisdom we’ve all inherited. Well done!
Top Scores
What a knowledgeable person you are! There doesn’t seem to be any English phrase that passed you by, does there? It’s great that you have such a treasure trove of witty wisdom buzzing through your mind. Way to go!
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