Do You Know These Beloved Tales?

Tales and stories have accompanied human existence for longer than recorded history. As children, we absorb these morals, fairy tales, and stories like a sponge. But do we retain them? Take our quiz and answer that question yourself.
Traditionally, which body part does Little Red Riding Hood NOT ask about?
The Nose
The Ears
The Eyes
The Teeth
How did the The Pied Piper of Hamelin get his revenge on the town's folk?
He stole their children
He stole all their gold
He made the town sink
He flooded the town with rats
What did Goldilocks eat at the bears' house?
How many step sisters did Snow White have?
How did Rumpelstiltskin help the miller's daughter?
By turning hay into gold
By turning stones into gold
By turning her hair into gold
By turning silver into gold
Why was a pea placed under the mattress of the princess?
To see if she is true royalty
To make her go away
To treat her bad back
To give her bad dreams
What did the fairy use to create Cinderella's carriage?
A pumpkin
A watermelon
A shoe
A kennel
What did Jack NOT take from the giant's house in 'Jack and the Beanstalk'?
Magic beans
A sack of gold
A chicken that lays golden eggs
A magical harp
Who wrote "The Ugly Duckling"?
Hans Christian Anderson
Brothers Grimm
Charles Perrault
It is an English folk tale
Which animal does NOT make a significant appearance in "Alice in Wonderland"?
Where did Dorothy live before she got whisked away to the Land of Oz?
What is the name of the black panther in "The Jungle Book"?
Shere Khan
In what country does the plot of Pinocchio take place?
Who is the hero of "Treasure Island"?
Jim Hawkins
Long John Silver
Billy Bones
Robert Louis
In Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf and Red bump into each other in the forest. The Wolf tries to slow Red down so he can reach Grandma's first. What does he do?
Steals her cloak and hides it so she has to retrieve it
Sends her down the wrong forest path
Convinces her to pick some flowers for her grandmother
Scares her into hiding until he passes
Try Again...
Tales of all kinds have delighted and frightened us for many a generation. They not only entertain but teach, and have many morals and ethical messages hidden within. It's well worth knowing them, even if to just pass them along. How about trying again for a better score?
Well Done!
You surely haven't forgotten your most beloved tales and their heroes and heroines. They come with wonderful morals and beautiful descriptions. Some come with poetry and some with real songs. Your score indicates you did quite well for yourself, knowing at least a part of these age-old stories. Keep reading them, they're worth holding on to.
Most Impressive!
You seem to be familiar with all fables, no matter which part of the world they originated from! You obviously love and cherish these age-old stories of wonderment, morals, magic, beasts, wizards, trolls, ogres, kings and princesses. Congratulations on ACING this quiz!
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