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Ready to check your English? Hope you've been doing some reading, as this quiz will confound you with all sorts of fun English challenges...
Marcy is the mother of the child but __________ the father?
Both Whose and who's are correct.
Which of these sentences uses the word "Juxtaposition" in the right way?
The juxtaposition of the contrasting colors made the artwork stand out from the rest.
The juxtaposition was immediately conquered by the enemy.
I Juxtapositioned the computer to create my new app.
Juxtapositioned, the man walked tall in his new suit.
Define the word "Extrapolate"
To reach a final conclusion that cannot be expanded
When the data of a graph exceeds the space available for it
A piece of evidence that cannot be countered
Predicting the future based on known information
Add a comma to this sentence: At the time I wasn't sure why he came to visit.
After "time"
After "agreed"
After "wondering"
After "why"
Fill in the blank: My team always plays ______ in local games.
Both are correct
Neither is correct
Can you define the word "Dichotomy"?
The study of contradictions
The void between two cliffs
A ringing in both ears
The difference between two opposites
Which of these sentences about my friend Jenny is correct?
Jenny and me worked at an insurance company together
I and Jenny share a birthday
Jenny and I went on a trip together
Me and Jenny shared a pizza
What does the word "Quintessential" mean?
A part of a whole that the whole cannot exist without
An inspiration from above
The most perfect example of something
Something that is superfluous
Which of these sentences uses "Cerulean" correctly?
His cerulean gaze remained unblinking
The cerulean man never needs to learn manners
He ate so many ceruleans he gained 20 pounds in one day
The cerulean style of his house reminded people of ancient Rome
Fill in the blank: The new house I moved to is __________ from my family than I'd like.
All answers are correct
"I truly despise you." - How many pronouns are in this sentence?
Add a comma to this sentence to correct it. But where? "Time to go everyone!"
After "go"
After "time"
After "to"
None are actually needed
It's Not Your Day...
Oh dear! From your results, it's clear that you're not a part of the 2% of Americans who were able to answer every single question correctly. There's no need to fret just yet though, since we're sure that after going over your answers for a little while, you'll be able to ace this test the next time you give it a shot!
Passed Well!
Good job! While you didn't quite manage to get all of the answers right, you did well enough to prove that you've got an above-average command of the English language, especially when it comes to common idioms and sayings. However, if you feel like you should have got 100%, then why not give it another go soon? We believe in you!
You ACED It!
Way to go, you totally aced it! Only 2% of Americans can complete these basic idioms and phrases. Your score leads us to believe that you've got an exceptional memory and highly creative thinking skills. You catch satire and puns, and can predict what is about to happen in many movies and books. Furthermore, you automatically read letter combinations and scan through texts without losing your focus. Are your friends as smart as you are? Share this quiz with them and find out!
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