WDYK About the Story of Moses?

Who hasn't heard, at least partly, the story of Moses taking his people through the desert? But there is so much more to this biblical figure, one of the biggest names in the Old Testament. How much do you think you know about this man? Take our latest quiz and find out...
In which biblical book does Moses begin his story?
Why did Moses's mother cast him in a basket upon the river?
They were too poor to feed him
The Egyptians were killing male babies
He was half Egyptian and couldn't live with the Jews
She didn't want another child to raise
Who found the basket with Moses in it floating down the river?
The wife of the Jewish leader
The Pharaoh's daughter
The Pharaoh himself
The Pharaoh's wife
What was the name of Moses's sister, who followed the basket?
Why did Moses flee Egypt into the desert?
He killed an Egyptian slave-master and feared retribution
He discovered he was adopted
He wanted to end his life
He was following a dream in which he was told to go
What did Moses see burning without being consumed?
A tree
A bush
A snake
A sword
Why was Moses not allowed to enter the kingdom of Israel after 40 years in the desert?
Because he forced God's miracle and brought water from the rock
Because he lost his faith they will ever arrive
Because he killed his brother
Because he did not keep the people of Israel dutiful in their religion
Why did Moses break the first tablets of the ten commandments?
He fell down the mountain coming down
Because he did not believe it was his place to dictate God's laws
Because he was angry at the golden calf the people of Israel were worshipping
Because he was denied entrance to the land of Israel
What was the name of Moses's wife?
What was the FIRST plague Moses called upon the Egyptians when the Pharaoh refused to let his people go?
Wild Animals
What was the LAST plague Moses called upon the Egyptians?
Death of the firstborns
What does Moses's name sound like in the original Hebrew?
What was the name of the mountain Moses died on?
Shall We Try Again?
Unfortunately it doesn't seem you know much about Moses, a huge figure in the bible. His story, whether you believe in it or not, is one well worth reading and remembering, so we recommend refreshing your memory about the Exodus.
You Know Quite a Bit!
Moses is a huge figure in the bible and in Abrahamic religions, and many of us know at least the name and some of the story. You seem to know a bit more than that about the figure of Moses. Good for you! However, there were a few things you missed, so you may wanna have a look at our answers or try again.
A Biblical Scholar!
You know a LOT about this legendary figure from the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament. This story is thousands of years old, and yet it is a basic part of the Abrahamic faiths, and, even as a story, has much to teach us. You've shown you haven't forgotten that and that you know a lot about it. Good show!
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