Do You Remember These Children's Tales?

Fairy tales, children's stories, folk tales - we have many names for these kinds of stories, written by greats like the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. They are the stories that enchanted us as kids, just as we use them to enchant our own kids, a tradition hundreds of years old. How much do you recall from these stories? Answer our questions and find out...
Which of these things did Little Red Riding Hood NOT have in her basket?
A golden coin
The original Little Mermaid story has a ________ ending.
In the tale of Hansel and Gretel, after the witch is dead, what do the children find in her house?
Her old magic book
Potions to turn them into ducks and fly home
A treasure chest full of precious stones
A magic carpet
In the tale 'The Snow Queen', a sister tries to help her brother, who was...
cursed by the snow queen
hit with a fragment of an enchanted mirror
kidnapped by the mayor's wife
in a coma
In the tale of Rumpelstiltskin, the poor miller's girl promises the magic creature her firstborn the third time he helps her. What did she give him the first two times?
Her necklace and her ring
Porridge to eat and wine to drink
Her hair and a kiss
Her shoes and her father's hat
In the original 'Beauty and the Beast', what was the name of the girl?
Which of these things did Jack of the Beanstalk steal from the giant?
A Magic Harp
A Magic lamp
A bag of diamonds
A magic sword
What was the end of the tale of King Midas and his golden touch?
He touched himself and became a statue forever
He threw himself off the palace roof after turning his daughter to gold
He learned that gold isn't important and was given a solution to return everyone back
He learned that gold isn't important, but could not change the outcome of his actions
In the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. What do the bears decide to do with her?
Eat her, but she escapes them
Eat her, and they do
Demand an apology
Share their meal and drink with her
In the tale of the three little pigs, what is the first pig's house made of?
In the tale of The Emperor's New Clothes, who is it that points out the emperor is naked?
His wife
A little boy
The town's fool
The king's fool
In the story of 'The Frog Prince', how does the princess react to the requests of the frog?
She abandons him and never returns
She does all he asks in gratitude, including kissing him
She tries to go back on her promises but her father holds her to it
She tries to drown the frog so she doesn't need to repay him
Time to Re-read Those Old Tales
Fairy-Tales have delighted and frightened kids for many a generation. They not only entertain but teach, and have many morals and ethical messages hidden within. It's well worth knowing them, even if to just pass them along. Your score is low, which means you may want to try again, or read some of these short tales again to recall how pretty they are.
You Remember!
You surely haven't forgotten your most beloved fairy tales and their heroes and heroines. They come with wonderful morals and beautiful descriptions. Some come with poetry and some with real song. Your score indicates you did quite well for yourself, knowing at least a part of these age-old stories. Keep reading them, they're worth holding on to.
You Remember it all!
You got very high scores! You obviously love and cherish these age-old stories of wonderment, morals, magic, beasts, wizards, trolls, ogres, kings and princesses. So many things to love about it, and you surely know your stuff! Your aced this test and no doubt about it. Congratulations!
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