A Puppy and Kitten Quiz!

We at Baba LOVE puppies and kittens. I mean, what's not to love about those little fluff balls? That said, not everyone who loves them knows that much about them! Do you know enough to raise a kitten or a pup? Test your knowledge now...
A group of kittens is called a...
A group of puppies is called a...
How long after being born do kittens normally open their eyes?
7-10 days
1-3 days
2-4 weeks
1-2 months
When do puppies begin to eat solid foods?
1 month old
48 hours old
2 weeks old
a week old
What are big cat children called instead of kittens?
True or False: Puppies sleep about 75% of the time
False, it's more like 90%
What breed is this puppy?
French Bulldog
As well as sustenance, what does a mother's milk pass on to her kittens?
Immunity from diseases
Thicker fur
A sense of his mother's smell
The substance which makes cat's tongues rough
True or False: Kittens can purr
True, when they are a couple of days old
False, not until they are at least 6 months old
What breed is this puppy?
How long does it take kittens to start eating solid food?
3-4 weeks
1-2 months
6-7 days
72 hours
True or False: Puppies are born blind and deaf.
When is a puppy considered to reach adulthood?
One year old
8 months old
Year and a half old
6 months old
Not a Fluff Expert
It seems you still have much to learn about puppies and kittens, some of the world's most adorable denizens. Perhaps you haven't had much experience with them, but we assure you, they are well worth the effort, especially as they grow up to love you even more. Why don't you try again or, alternatively, have a look at your mistakes and the correct answers.
You Know Some Fluff!
You have quite a good knowledge base about our furry little parts of our families. Aren't kittens and puppies super adorable? We love them so much here at Baba, and we see you do too. However, some points did escape you, so there is room to try for an even higher score.
You Really Know Your Fluff!
Excuse our bad pun, we're just so excited you are so knowledgeable about our furry little friends. We hope this comes from actual experience with these little buddies of ours, an experience very much worth having! Congratulations, you aced our quiz!
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