Do You Understand Dog Behavior?

Loving dogs is one thing, but do you UNDERSTAND them? They are fascinating creatures who love us to death and really want to express themselves. Test your knowledge of man's best friends and their many different behaviors.
Why do dogs pant?
Because that's how they sweat
Because they need to release heat from their body
Because they are sleepy
Because they are happy and relaxed
Your dog's tail is pointing up and the ears are pointed forward. What are they expressing?
Your dog is kneeling on its front legs and makes a bark that starts quiet and rises towards the end. What does it want?
To play
To eat
To alert you to danger
To beg for forgivness
You turn to your dog, which decides to turn on its back with its legs in the air and its belly showing and its tail waving. What does this mean?
It is showing submission
It wants to be petted
It is feeling secure and relaxed
All answers are correct
Your dog is laying with their paws underneath them and their tail wrapped around their body. Why?
They're probably scared
They're probably cold
They're probably sleepy
They're probably sick
Why do dogs like licking our faces?
It's a sign of submission on their part
They love the salty taste of our skin
It's their way of asking for food and petting
To show ownership of us
Your dog just got attention, now its tongue is lolling out and it is looking at you intently. What is it feeling?
True or False: Dogs never know how long you've been gone
To make sure you have the leader role over your dog, which of these actions can you take?
Make them sleep lower than you
Walk in front of them when going on a walk
Make them move out of your way or clear your favorite spot
All answers are correct
While playing with you, your dog stops once in a while to sneeze. What happened?
The dog has a cold but doesn't want to stop playing
The dog is hyperventilating
The dog has a mucus problem
The dog wants you to know this is just a game
You play with your dog in a rough way and it bites you out of play. What do you do?
Give them a good smack, they'll remember not to do it again
Immediately stop playing and give a verbal warning
Take them to the vet immediately and discuss their behavior
Make lots of pain and sad noises to show they hurt you
Your dog keeps stopping during your walk to eat grass leaves. What does it mean?
That it is seriously sick and needs a very immediately
That it might be thirsty or missing some nurtrient
Nothing whatsoever.
That it is starving for food
Your dog is wagging her tail super fast with a very short range of motion. What is she feeling?
Still a Pup
You still have much to learn about the complex social and physical behavior of dogs. You know, the best way to learn is to have one! However, if you think you can do better, how about giving it another try?
A True Canine
You know quite a bit about dog behavior! That's great, since dogs ARE man's best friend (as are cats!) and as much as they love us, we need to understand them as well as love them back to give them the best life possible. Good job!
Old Dog
When it comes to dogs you're an old hand at this and know all the possible behaviors a dog may show. You've probably raised a few dogs yourself and have had some hands on experience, since it's hard to teach these things without witnessing them yourself. Congratulations for acing this quiz!
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