I saw a movie about a pig with no eyes.
It was PG.
What all kinds of stars wear the sunglasses? The movie stars.
Whats the name of the movie about Bacon? Frankenswine, or you can go see Hamlet.
Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Wiener
Did you see the movie about the hot dog? It was an Oscar Wiener.
What’s a whale’s favorite James Bond movie?
A License To Krill.
What’s a whale’s favorite movie?
The Humpback Of Notre Dame.
Is That You?
Is That You? Wife and husband are sitting together sipping wine and watching a movie. The Wife suddenly whispers: "I Love You..." Husband: "Is that you or the wine talking?" Wife: "It's me talking to the wine."
What's a pun's favorite movie?
It's a Punderful Life!
Who is the Easter Bunny’s favorite movie actor? Rabbit De Niro!
Mom: Did you watch the movie with the little pumpkins?
Dad: I stopped it early because it was too gourdy for me.
When I was ten my Mom told me to take my brother to a movie so she could set up for his surprise birthday party.
That's when I realized that he was her favorite twin, not me.
What is a koala bear’s favorite line in the movie “The Sixth Sense”? “Aussie dead people.”
Where do most koala movie stars live? In Koalawood, Koalafornia, of course!
What’s the scariest koala movie ever made? The Bear Witch Project.
How did the little koala bear stop the movie? She hit the paws button.