Felt Jokes

After trying out floss for the first time, I couldn't believe how nice it felt.
It truly was a breath of fresh air.
The lake did not like the river because it felt that the river was not very lake-able.
All the other vegetables have always felt very emotional whenever they are near the onion.
The cashew called the peanut boring.
The peanut felt very unsalted.
What happened when the tiger ate the comedian?
He felt funny!
So earlier I took my clothes from the washer and threw them into the dryer.
I can't be sure how they felt about that, but they seemed agitated.
I felt like telling you the joke about a strawberry jam on a piece of bread, but I won't. You might go around spreading it.
I was alone in the bath.
Imagine my surprise when I felt a tap on my shoulder!
When I went to my favorite Irish cafe after years, I felt deja brew all over again.
During the flood, most of our garden was underwater. I felt especially bad for the grass - it must have been grass-ping for air.
Why did the pony ask for a glass of water?
Because he felt like he was a little horse.
I felt sad for my brother's computer being overclocked because I heard the processor say, "Stop it! It hertz so much!".
A piece of cheese sees his cheese friend looking a little disheveled. “Are you OK?” he asks.
“I’ve felt grater”, his friend coughed.
Mr. and Mrs. Apostrophe are divorcing....
He found her to be possessive- and she hated his contractions. The marriage felt like a sentence
After the Palace of Versailles was completed, Louis XIV felt Baroque and roll.
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