What’s the best way to catch unicorns? Simple, by herding them all to one corner.
What stays in the corner and travels all over the world? A stamp.
What did one wall say to the other wall?
"I’ll meet you at the corner!"
What’s black and white and stands in the corner?
A naughty panda.
"Two potatos are standing on a corner, how can you tell which one is a prostitute?" "The one that says IDAHO!"
How do you stay warm in any room?
Just huddle in the corner, where it’s always 90 degrees.
Yo Mama so poor I asked her if I could use the bathroom and she said "Just pick a corner."
Yo momma so fat she sat on the corner and the police came and said, "Break it up!"
How do you confuse a fish?
Put the fish in a round fishbowl and tell it to go to the corner.
Yo Mama so stupid I told her Christmas was around the corner and she went looking for it.
When you go to the wolf hotel just around the corner, you will meet this huge, moustached wolf who always says, “howl may I help you?” as if he has no other words to us!
There's a German butcher around the corner from the hospital.
Just in case someone takes a turn for a wurst.