This Quiz Will Test Your Knowledge of Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices can make a fantastic meal taste even better if used appropriately. Yet, apart from simply adding taste to our meals, many herbs and spices have plenty of health benefits linked to them as well. How well do you know the healing properties of herbs and spices? Take this test and find out for yourself!
turmeric in a white bowl
What property does curcumin, turmeric's active ingredient, possess?
All of the above
cayenne pepper powder
Cayenne pepper's active ingredient, Capsaicin, can be used for what purpose(s)?
Increase circulation
Stimulate appetite
Boost concentration
All of the above
sliced ginger root
What can ginger be used to treat?
Morning sickness
Stomach pain
Upper respiratory tract infections
All of the above
sage leaves
TRUE or FALSE? Sage can combat memory loss.
True in bubble
False in bubble
fennel seeds
What can fennel help ease?
All of the above
mint leaves
What can spearmint be used to treat?
All of the above
thyme on wooden table
What can be treated with thyme?
Brittle fingernails
Gum disease
Microbial contamination
All of the above
Chinese star anise
What can you use a Chinese star anise for?
Suppress coughs
Stimulate appetite
Reduce menstrual pain
All of the above
cardamom seeds
What can cardamom help you with?
Strengthening hair follicles
Reducing the activity of tumors
All of the above
saffron on spoons
TRUE or FALSE? Saffron can ease mild to moderate depression.
true in speech bubble
false in speech bubble
young woman holding chili pepper in front of mouth
Too Spicy to Handle!
Ouch! After analyzing all of your answers, we have come to the conclusion that you are certainly no expert when it comes to the healing properties of many common herbs and spices. But that's not really a big deal, since what matters most is that you actually enjoy using plenty of different herbs and spices in your meals. Keep it up, and the health benefits will follow of their own accord, whether you are aware of them or not.
mixed herbs and spices
The Right Amount of Spice
Nice job! After analyzing all of your answers, we have come to the conclusion that while you're no expert, you certainly know your way around quite a good deal of herbs and spices. Keep on experimenting with their taste-enhancing properties and healing benefits and we're confident that you can become a master of herbs and spices in no time at all!
pattern of mixed herbs and spices
The Spicemaster!
Wow, what an absolutely delicious result! You certainly know your way around the spice rack, and you never seem to get lost when exploring a fragrant herb garden either! Not only do you know exactly how to make use of plenty of herbs and spices to make your dishes simply heavenly, but you also know exactly which ones to use when you or a loved one is feeling a little under the weather! Your friends and family are certainly very well off for having someone like you in their lives!
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