What Do These Acronyms Mean?

We use acronyms all the time. It's a great way to save time and words. However, it doesn't always mean we know what the ACTUAL words are. In this day and age of constant texting and chatting, the use of acronyms becomes more and more prevalent. Let's test your knowledge of acronyms from various walks of life...
What does IDK stand for?
I Don't Know
I Deny Knowledge
In Deep Knowledge
In Depth Knowledge
What does HIV stand for?
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Homo Iliopsoas Virus
Human Intracontact Virus
Hemeo Immunocrinology Virus
What does RADAR stand for?
Radio Detection And Ranging
Radio Detached Array Range
Remote Detection Array Ranger
Remote Detection and Routing
What does TBD stand for?
To Be Determined
To Be Discussed
To Be Divulged
To Be Debated
What does ROFL stand for?
Rolling On the Floor Laughing=__lli__ __ _h_ __oo_ ___gh__g
What does AARP stand for?
American Association of Retired Persons=_me____n _sso_____o_ __ ___ir_d _er___s
What does LDR stand for?
Long Distance Relationship
Long Distance Rifle
Low Danger Range
What does IRL stand for?
In Real Life
Inter Relational Life
International Router Locus
Institute of Recursive Language
What does FOMO stand for?
Fear Of Missing Out=_ea_ __ __ss__g __t
What does IMO stand for?
In My Opinion
(if) I Might Opine
I May Object
It's My Option
What does YOLO stand for?
You Only Live Once=__u _n__ _iv_ ___e
What does SWAT stand for?
Special Weapons And Tactics
Superior Warriors And Technicians
Special Warriors And Tactics
Superior Weapons And Tactics
What does ADHD stand for?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attention Deprivation Helicase Disease
Abrupt Detachment Hyperactivity Disorder
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Sorry but this one got away from you. Not to worry, you can always learn them quickly by searching for them online. Or have a look at our answers and see where you went wrong to learn these acronyms you don't know.
Good Job
You knew some of these acronyms but still less than half. You passed, but just barely. Since these are mostly common use acronyms, we'd expect a better result from most people. Perhaps you weren't focused? Why don't you try again, or have a look at our answers to see where you went wrong.
Great Job!
Good job! You definitely know most of your acronyms, and if there are some you don't, that's probably because they are in newer use and you haven't gotten used to them yet. Perhaps you don't text a lot, as people who do tend to eventually rely on these acronyms. Have a look at our answers to see what you did get wrong.
Superb Knowledge!
You CRUSHED it! Bravo! You definitely know your acronyms and for you this was probably a really easy quiz. You probably use your phone and know how to text quickly with the best of them, or have experience texting with those who do. Expect our next acronym quiz to be a lot more challenging...
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