Find the Letters and Complete the Word!

We've got a NEW kind of quiz for you folks! For this quiz, you won't be given multiple choice, but will have to complete the missing letters yourself! Just complete the word using your keyboard, and find out in the results if you had it right! By the way, if you get stuck, use the hints...
Without means of subsistence; lacking food, clothing, and shelter.
Causing amazement; astounding; marvelous.
Uneasy or fearful about something that might happen.
A drop of mucus at the nose, whether produced by cold or otherwise.
An agent that induces nausea.
Immeasurably small; less than an assignable quantity:
Lacking in ideas or intelligence
Unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding.
Pleasing in appearance; attractive; fair.
Wealth, riches, or affluence.
Wearing worn clothes or having a slovenly or unkempt appearance.
A periodic payment, especially a scholarship or fellowship allowance granted to a student.
Try Again
This isn't an easy test, so don't feel discouraged. These are rare words that have funny spelling, and you won't be using them for day-to-day affairs in any case. However, if you wanna give it another go you can do so before looking at the answers.
Nicely Done!
This is quite the difficult test but you got a pretty good score on it! It's not perfect but it definitely shows great knowledge of the English language. So here's to you!
Wow, you really have a great vocabulary and know well how to use it and even spell it! Sublime work on this quiz and congratulations for having such a great lexicon and memory for words. You aced this test!
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