The Great Dog Quiz!

Dogs are incredible creatures that have lived along us humans for thousands of years. They're popular, loving and incredibly cute. In this quiz, we ask the question: How much do you know of our best friend, the dog?
How many dogs are in the world?
700 million
1 billion
100 million
7 million
How many dog years is a single human year worth?
7 years
6 years
15 years
It's not that simple
How old was the oldest living dog in history?
Which of these foods are toxic to dogs?
Green tea
All answers are correct
A healthy dog nose should be...
Warm and dry
Cold and wet
Cold and dry
Hot and wet
True or False: Dogs have very little sense of time
Which of these countries has the highest dog population in the world?
United States
What was the original purpose of the "Sausage Dog" (Dachshund)?
Fight badgers
Hunt rabbits
Hunt Deer
Hunt mice on ships
True or False: Dogs that are neutered or spayed live longer than dogs who are not.
A dog's sense of smell is about ___________ more powerful than a human's.
1,000,000 times
1000 times
10,000 times
100,000 times
Your dog has separation anxiety. What will you do to reduce its anxiety when you leave?
leave a mirror on its height so it thinks there's another dog there
Leave a big photo of myself so it thinks I'm there
Leave an old shirt with my smell on it so it can smell me
Go out for longer times so it eventually gets used to it
This dog breed has been the most popular breed in the USA for the last three decades.
French Bulldog
German Shepard
The world's first known dog lived about __________ years ago.
How do dogs sweat?
Through their tongue
Through their ears
Through their paws
Through their nose
How do dogs see colors?
They don't. They see in black, white and grays.
They see just as well as humans
They see a few colors, primarily blue, gray, yellow and green
They see a few colors, primarily red, green, purple and orange
An average dog litter is about ____________ puppies.
You Have Much to Learn of Dogs
You may not like dogs or be a dog person, and that's quite alright. Dogs aren't to everyone's taste. That said, however, dogs have been a part of human culture for tens of thousands of years. They are not a new phenomenon or a later style. They are as part of us as any history or land. It's always worth knowing our best friends a bit better! Check the answers to see where you went wrong.
You Know a Bit About Dogs
You have a little knowledge of dogs, but not a lot. Maybe you love dogs but never had a chance to get one. Perhaps you don't like dogs, and that's fine, they aren't for everyone. That said, the realm of canines is a fascinating one, for they have been part of human culture for tens of thousands of years. So we think it's always worth knowing more about them! Check the answers to see where you went wrong.
You're a Dog Person!
You probably have a real affection for dogs. Perhaps you're a dog owner at present or were in the past, and know and cherish these creatures that have spent their lives side by side with humans for many thousands of years. If so, we do hope you have one now to keep you company! You definitely have a good knowledge of canines, and you should learn more about our best friends. Check the answers to see all the correct information.
You're a Dog Expert!
Are you a DOG by any chance? It's ok if you are, we're just surprised you can use the computer! You ACED this test! You sure know a lot about dogs, and we hope you have at least one of your own to love and hug! You've shown a great deal of knowledge, and we hope you share this information with others and educate them about proper behavior towards dogs. If you have less than a perfect score, check out our answers to see it all.
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