Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m using my hand
But I’m thinking of you.
An ambitious young fellow named Matt,
Tried to parachute using his hat.
Folks below looked so small,
As he started to fall,
Then got bigger and bigger and SPLAT!
Why was the man using ketchup during the rain?
Someone said it was raining cats and hot dogs.
My wife came home angry from the gynecologist after he told her she had to stop using lemon douche
She's been such a sour puss about it.
Why shouldn't you shoot pool using a pickle?
Because you'll find the cue cumbersome.
So I cut down a tree using my vision today
It’s true, I SAW it with my own eyes.
I was arrested by the grammar police for not using the full stop correctly.
I am now looking at a long sentence.
I'm using a bra for a face mask.
I like to keep abreast of corona security measures.
I heard someone broke out of prison using a sheep
I didn’t believe it until I saw the news and he was on the lamb.
Our local winery recently starting using a flock of sheep to keep the grass from getting too long.
At least that's what I herd through the grapevine.
Why did Noah have to punish the chickens on the Ark?
They were using fowl language.
Everyone makes fun of him for using old coffee, but he insists it has the greatest sedimental value.
[Pool Noodle] That’s using your noodle!
What do you get when you cross a "bad idea for using fur" with 86 billion neurons?
A hare-brained idea.
I ran out of toilet paper so I had to start using old newspapers.
The Times are rough.