Carry Jokes

When my parents would go to the bar, my dad would always carry his drink to the table in his left hand and my mother’s in the other. I finally asked him why...
And he said, “Because your mother is always right.”
“I always carry a knife in my purse, just in case we’re having cake.”
― Unknown
I am struggling to carry with this hiking but your great glow has kept me going.
I don't understand why Bed Bath & Beyond is considered a non-essential business.
Don't they carry essential oils?
My mother's sister can carry 50 times her own weight
She's my aunt
Would you like me to carry your babies, or do I just swallow tonight?
Why do seals carry fish in their mouth?
Because they don't have pockets.
He ordered 6 vodkas, 6 beers and 6 lemonades. The bartender asked if he would like a tray.
"No I have enough to carry as it is."
Where do school-going vampires carry their books?
In bat-packs.
Can I help you carry your groceries to the car?
I had to carry a group of crows once.
It was murder on my back!
Why do seals carry fish in their mouth?
Because they don't have pockets.
What should be the name of the knight who the King has appointed to carry a census of the land? He goes by the name Sir Vey.
If there was to be a beauty contest bringing together all the beautiful mushrooms on the face of the earth, the porta-bella mushroom would carry the day.
Why are two parrots better than one? One parrot can't carry a coconut, but toucan!
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