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You don’t have to be well traveled to be true a cosmopolitan. In fact, you may very well know about the big wide world than you think. So, let’s see whether you are a real citizen of the world by taking our fantastic world landmarks quiz. How many do you know?
Where is the majestic Taj Mahal located?
Agra, India
Gansu, China
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Yellowstone National Park doesn't pass through which state?
In which state can you witness the amazing Mount Rushmore?
South Dakota
North Dakota
Who built the incredible ancient rock structure known as Stonehenge?
Ancient astrologers
The first royal family
We don't really know yet
What is this structure known as?
Arc de Triomphe
The Eiffel Tower contains 20,000 ____.
Light bulbs
How much money did it cost to construct the Golden Gate Bridge?
$35 million
$2 billion
$12 million
They're still paying for it
What is the very top of the Empire State Building currently used for?
Broadcasting radio signals
Monitoring air traffic
As a NASA satellite signal
What was the Liberty Bell used for?
To summon people to meetings
To mark the day's hours
To remind people to attend church services
Where would you find this famous landmark?
London, England
Dublin, Ireland
New York City, NY
Paris, France
For what purpose was the Berlin Wall built?
To stop people leaving East Berlin
To protect West Berlin from violence and revolution
To mark the city borders
Where is the famous Trevi fountain found?
Rome, Italy
Stockholm, Sweden
Berlin, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
The Great Sphinx is made up of what?
Yellow brick
What is this religious landmark found in Brazil called?
Christ the Redeemer
Jesus Statue
God the Savior
From all the monuments in the world that require an admission fee, which is the most visited?
Eiffel Tower
The Great Sphinx
Taj Mahal
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