Do You Know Your Way Around Your PC & the Internet?

In the world of today, anyone who is unable to make use of a computer or the Internet is at a severe disadvantage. While being a PC wizard will undoubtedly make your life a lot easier, even just having a bit of knowledge of the absolute basics will make a significant difference. The following test will help you determine just how far your journey into the world of computers has taken you, and how much you have left to discover.
things on work desk
What symbol must an email address always contain?
black delete key
Where do deleted files end up?
Control Panel
Recycle Bin
Tool Bar
computer worm concept
Which of the following doesn't put you at risk of getting a virus?
Downloading files from the Internet.
Using antivirus software with an expired license.
Using free public WiFi services.
Forgetting to empty the Recycle Bin.
laptop on grass
What's the difference between hardware and software?
Hardware is physical computer equipment, while software is a digital program or app.
Hardware is a program that's difficult to use, while software is ideal for beginners.
Hardware is a component that is very sturdy, while software should be handled with care.
Hardware can be obtained for free, while software is generally costly.
illuminated power button on PC
How can you safely turn off your PC?
Unplug the PC from the power socket.
Click on the 'Windows' button, then choose 'Shut Down.'
Hold the power button down until it turns off.
Don't do anything, since it will turn itself off eventually.
inside a PC
What does OS stand for?
Online Service
Operational Schematic
Operating System
Only Software
rainbow CD with water droplets
Which of these isn't a storage device?
Hard Disk
Flash Drive
unlocked padlock on tech background
Which of the following passwords is the most secure?
open file cabinet
What's the difference between a file and a folder?
A file stores data, while a folder is used to organize files.
Folders are files that exceed 500MB in size.
Files are folders that can only be used online.
Files usually store photos, while folders store videos.
typewriter closeup
What should you do if you want to move a paragraph from one location to another in a word document?
Find & Replace
Delete & Retype
Copy & Paste
Cut & Paste
laptop and green mouse
What is the right click usually used for?
To access a 'hidden menu' with additional options.
To make it easier to double-click.
To drag files across the desktop.
To highlight snippets of text.
fiery explosion
What is a firewall used for?
Video Editing
Online Shopping
Data Transmission
Lego distressed man with PC
What should you try if you can't connect to the Internet?
Make sure your WiFi is turned on, and check that no wires are unplugged.
Reboot your modem and router.
Reset your wireless adapter.
All of the above.
frustrated man with laptop
Which of the following won't slow down your PC?
Running many programs at once.
Having a hard disk that is almost full.
Installing many add-ons onto your browser.
Sending many emails in a short span of time.
latop, tablet and smartphone
Which of the following is the largest unit of measurement?
PC punching man
Your score tells us that you haven't been using a computer for very long, but that's perfectly fine, as everyone has to start from somewhere. Learning how to efficiently use a computer and the Internet will open up a whole new world of possibilities, potentially making your life easier and happier. What's important now is to keep on trying, as continual exposure and practice are two of the most effective ways of mastering your PC. Believe in your own abilities, and anything is possible!
elderly man using PC
Competent User
Congratulations, your score shows that you've got a pretty good understanding of the basic skills required to operate a laptop, PC or tablet. Sending emails and creating word documents are a walk in the park, and as long as everything runs smoothly, you're rarely one to complain. However, like many of us, you tend to get stuck when everything starts going wrong, and usually end up getting someone else to sort it out. Keep it up, and never stop learning, and you may find yourself turning into a PC wizard in no time at all!
magician using tablet
PC Wizard
Wow, your score is really impressive, and it shows that you know exactly what you're doing when you're behind a computer screen. You take safety and security very seriously, choosing passwords that are impossible to guess, and making sure not to click on anything that seems suspicious. In times of crisis, you always remain calm and put your sharp troubleshooting skills to the test, and as a result you're probably one of the first people that friends and family turn to when struggling with their own computer woes. Good job!
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