Can You Complete the Famous Quote?

Do you love quotes as much as we do? Famous and wise quotes help us understand life and the experiences we go through, often holding a lot of wisdom or philosophy in just one well worded sentence. Can you complete all 12 of these famous quotes? Prove it!
"God helps those
that help themselves."
that help others."
that believe in him.'
that are good and pure."
"You miss 100% of the...
trouble you don't take."
shots you don't take."
possibilities you don't take."
experiences you don't take."
"Life is what happens when you're...
busy making other plans."
not living it."
hiding in your head."
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched...
they must be felt with the heart."
They must be touched."
they are human emotions."
they are inside of us."
"It always seems impossible...
until it's done."
at first."
before you make your stand."
unless you make the impossible possible."
"Try not to become a man of success but rather...
to become a man of value."
to become a scientist."
to become a success."
allow others to succeed."
"Love all, trust a few...
do wrong to none."
hate but one."
hate not at all."
murder none."
"The future belongs to those...
who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
who will sacrifice for the state."
who worship kindness."
who are humble."
"It’s not whether you get knocked down
it’s whether you get up."
it's how you played the game."
it's that you gave it your all."
it's whether you keep fighting."
"Good artists copy...
great artists steal."
old artists rob."
young artists paint."
great artists lie."
"Have no fear of perfection..."
you’ll never reach it."
It's a fool's game."
it is only for God and his angels."
for it shall remain out of your hands forever."
"There is nothing impossible
to him who will try."
but life everlasting."
on this planet."
in this life or the next."
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