Identify These Historical Figures!

In this historical challenge, we'd like you to use both your knowledge and your visual perception to deduce which famous historical figure we're showing you. These are all people long gone, so you may not have seen photos of them before. If you have, use your memory, if you haven't - use your logic!
Who is this?
Louis XVI of France
Napoleon Bonaparte
Who is this pensive fellow?
Dante Alighieri
William Shakespeare
Who is this young man?
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
George Washington
Who was this king?
Louis XVI
Henry VIII
Which ancient figure is this?
Which famous leader was this?
Julius Caesar
Attila the Hun
Who was this explorer?
Christopher Columbus
Marco Polo
Who was this leader?
Alexander the Great
Who is this warrior woman?
Lagertha the Viking
Joan of Arc
Who is this deep thinker?
Leonardo da Vinci
Who is this ancient Asian figure?
Genghis Khan
Sun Tzu
Who is this thinker?
Galileo Galilei
Friedrich Nietzsche
Who was this ancient queen?
Who was this famous American figure?
Mark Twain
John Adams
Who was this painter?
Claude Monet
Vincent van Gogh
Who was this painter?
Frida Kahlo
Georgia O'Keeffe
Who was this man of creation?
Nikola Tesla
Who was this famous woman?
Florence Nightingale
Emily Brontë
Who was this famous scientist?
Sigmund Freud
Charles Darwin
Who was this man of discovery?
Isaac Newton
Benjamin Franklin
Perhaps Try Again?
It seems your gut feeling didn't correspond with reality and what you thought you knew is actually wrong. That's ok, nobody expects you to know all of these and you can always try again or look at your mistakes to learn what some of these famous figures looked like.
Nicely Done!
You may not have got all questions right but you have gotten at least half or more of them, and that's not an easy feat! You definitely have some sense for history, as well as some good brains in your head and a sense of logic that allowed you to figure some of these out even without knowing the answer in advance. Why not look now at your mistakes and see where you went wrong?
Most Excellent!
Wow, you answered all or almost all questions correctly! You really know your way around the past. If you used your logic and not your knowledge - that's even more impressive! You correctly guessed or actually knew all these famous figures of history - and that's really impressive! You've earned our deep respect!
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