If You Think You Can Remember the 50s, Give This Quiz a Go

 The fifties were a pretty happenin' time, it's true! It was a time where microwave ovens and malted milkshakes reigned supreme! But how much do you really know about the fifties? Take this awesome fifties trivia quiz and find out for yourself!
This 1950's candy melts in your mouth not in your hands:
old books
The classic 1950 novel, Animal Farm was written by whom?
George Orwell
Ernest Hemingway
Orson Wells
Thomas Pynchon
academy awards
Which actress won an Oscar in 1954 for her portrayal of Princess Ann in the movie Roman Holiday?
Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Donna Reed
Marilyn Monroe
Disneyland castle
Disneyland opened in what year?
old bus
In Montgomery, Alabama, a bus boycott begins after this woman refuses to give up her seat to a white person:
Rosa Parks
Pearl Jordan
Billie Holiday
Leanne Dowling
credit card
Which bank launched the first-ever credit card in 1958?
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
National City Bank
Bank of England
tv dinner
Which company first introduced "TV Dinners" in 1954?
Hungry Man
playing guitar
Who is said to have first used The term "Rock N Roll" in 1951?
Alan Freed
Elvis Presley
Johnny Cash
Marilyn Monroe
running man
In 1954, this man ran the first recorded sub-4 minute mile in human history:
Roger Bannister
Bill Dillinger
Phil Coleman
Guy Steel
record player
Name the number 1 song on the Billboard Charts in 1951:
'Be My Love'
'Moonlight Bay'
'The Rovin' Kind'
'The Old Lamplighter'
old tv
What were viewers shown in the first live commercial coast-to-coast broadcast?
Who sang the never-to-be-forgotten, rock classic "Turn Me Loose"?
Buddy Holly
Elvis Prelsey
Ricky Nelson
monochrome photo of model
The 50s Were a Blur to You!
Oops! We hate to break it to you, but unfortunately your results show that your memory of the 1950s is a little hazy at best. Don't panic just yet though, since this might actually be quite a blessing in disguise, since the fifties is one of the most vibrant periods to rediscover, and we're sure you'll have a whale of a time. However, if you still feel that the fifties aren't quite your cup of tea, then why not try giving our 1960s quiz a go instead?
smiling woman from 50s
You're a 50s Enthusiast!
Well done! While your results aren't 100% perfect, we can clearly see that you've got a pretty solid grounding of what took place in the world of the 1950s. Frank Sinatra and Alfred Hitchcock would be extremely proud of your efforts, and so should you! And who could blame you for being so knowledgeable about one of the 20th century's most vibrant and bustling times? If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends, and check out our 1960s quiz too!
fashion model from fifties
You're a 50s Expert!
Superb! Your impeccable results show that you are well and truly one with the world of the 1950s. You know exactly who did what and why they did it in practically every sector, including history, film, music, and even popular culture! So, no matter if you're a 1960s superfan or are just somebody with an extraordinarily great memory, go ahead and give yourself a huge pat on the back, since you've well and truly earned it! If you enjoyed this quiz, then don't forget to share it with your friends, and check out our 1960s quiz too!
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