Do You Lie a Lot?

There is no person who has not been caught in a lie at some point in his life, some of us more and some of us less, but in the end we all lie in one way or another. However, there is a big difference between an outright lie and omitting details from the story, and some of us even avoid fictional stories because we know that lies always have legs. So where are you on the spectrum between "liar" and "truth teller"? Answer the following 12 questions and find out.
Are you a liar: Man holding fingers behind his back
Would you lie if it helps you get out of trouble?
Only cowards do that
It depends on the circumstances
Sometimes it's best way to prevent problems
Are you a liar: a stressed man next to an alarm clock in bed
You are late for work because you didn't wake up on time. What will you do?
I will tell my boss the truth
I will say that there were terrible traffic jams on the way
I will pretend to be sick
Are you a liar: A woman receives a gift
You received a gift from a good friend, but you don't really like it. What will you do?
I'll say it's not exactly my taste, but I appreciate the thought
I'll say thanks and store it somewhere at home
I'll pretend it's what I wanted and give it to someone else later
Are you a liar: Surprised woman
When was the last time you lied to someone?
I really don't remember
Maybe a week or so ago
This week - even today
Are you a liar: A boy holding his fingers behind his back
As a child you tended tp...
Always tell the truth
Tell the truth, but omit certain details from it
Make up stories and fictions
Are you a liar: A man steps on a bill
You found money that someone dropped on the sidewalk. What will you do?
I'll leave it there, he might come back to look
I will donate this money in a charity fund or give it to a homeless person
I'll keep it - now it's mine
Are you a liar: A thinking woman
Your friends will tell you that you are...
The most direct person they know
The funniest person they know
The most creative person they know
Are you a liar: a man tells a story
How do you feel when someone tells a story that sounds far-fetched and exaggerated?
It just makes me angry
As long as the story is entertaining and funny, I'm all for hearing it
This is the only way to tell a story properly
Are You a Liar: A stack of books
Choose the sentence you most relate to from the following:
Lying is one of the main sources of evil in the world
I don't like being lied to, so I only lie about insignificant things
A lie is like a small fortress, inside it you can feel protected and strong
Are you a liar: handshake
In your resume you...
Writing my career history as it is
Polishing my career history a bit and adding to it abilities and roles that I think I could perform
Invents responsibilities and successes - no one really checks this in depth
Are you a liar: A woman trying on a dress
Your partner asks if the outfit looks good on them, but it doesn't. What would you most likely answer?
Honestly say that the dress is not flattering
Say that the garment itself is not to my liking but still looks good on the body
I'll compliment and say that it looks great - what's important is the self-confidence of the wearer
Are you a liar: a card cheat
You are playing with friends and suddenly you realize that you can cheat without anyone seeing. What will you do?
I will play by the rules - even if I lose
I will consider the option and use it only if I see that I might be losing
Cheat in any way possible - it's part of the fun of the game
You are a truthful person
Are you a liar: there is a truth teller
According to your answers, you are a person who values ​​honesty and transparency, and you are not afraid to speak directly and say what is on your mind, even if it is difficult or may even hurt you or others. You believe that the truth has a power that lies cannot match, and this is what allows your relationships to be built properly and based on respect, mutual understanding and of course - honesty. However, remember that sometimes the truth can hurt a lot, so try to convey your messages in a kind and thoughtful way. Continue on your way and show everyone that you can live well without lying.
You lie from time to time, but only when you really have to
Are You a Liar: Woman with a Mask
You are a person who understands the importance of honesty, but also knows that there is a time and place for everything - for the truth and for white lies. According to your answers, you are a very realistic person who understands that life is not only black or white, but remember to maintain this balance and not exaggerate lies that may hurt others. Strive for honesty to maintain harmony in your relationships, as it is the best foundation for healthy relationships and friendships.
Be careful not to grow your nose!
Are you a liar: Man holding up fingers and smiling
You are a bit of a liar, but don't worry - everyone tends to twist the truth from time to time. You have a very creative mind and know how to adapt to problematic situations, but remember that although these abilities are effective in some situations, in other cases they can harm you and your relationships. Try to use your creative mind in more positive ways, like writing short stories, and remember that sometimes the truth is a bit hard to deal with, but in the end it is the one that will lead you to the desired results in the long run - the lie is always revealed sooner or later.
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